Variations of Live Dealer Baccarat

June 1, 2012 |

Live Dealer Baccarat

As the internet technology evolved, there have been new innovations that have taken place in the world of online gambling. We now have mobile gambling and live dealer casino games besides the normal RNG controlled online gaming. In this article, we take a look at live dealer baccarat and its variants available at different online casinos.

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Live dealer casino games are almost like playing at a live, brick and mortar casino. The games play out live at a land based casino which, with the help of live video streaming are brought to your computer. It is just like playing at a live casino, but sitting before your computer in the comfort of your home. A number of reputed online casinos like, 888 Casino, Bodog and William Hill provide live dealer casino games that include roulette, blackjack and baccarat. While roulette and blackjack follow the usual online versions of the game, live baccarat offers some innovative variants.

The simplest variant of baccarat is Lucky Pairs which is sometimes known as Baccarat Pairs. In this format, two side bets are offered to the Banker as well as the Player. If the first two cards received by the Player are a pair, his side bet wins. In case the Banker’s first two cards turn out to be a pair, he wins the side bet. The bettor may wager on both the side bets. Both the side bets pay out independently at the rate 11:1. Some casinos have tweaked the game further – the side bets pay out if either the Banker or the Player has a pair or the side bets pay out only if both Player and Banker are dealt pairs.

Progressive Baccarat is another variant of live dealer baccarat. Here again, the progressive jackpot is based on the side bet. The jackpot swells with each side bet. Initial two cards dealt to the Player as well as the Banker determine the outcome of the side bets. There are fixed payouts for certain outcomes that are listed on the payout table for this variant of live baccarat.

live dealer baccaratPerhaps, the most thrilling variant in live dealer baccarat is Dragon Bonus. In this variant, the payout depends on the victory margin of the selected hand. So, the main requirement is that the selected hand wins and the payout depends on by how much margin the hand wins. Natural hand wins result in even money payouts while the biggest payouts can be expected when non-natural hands win. If winning margin is 9 points, payout is 30:1, 8 points fetches 10:1 and 7 points is 6:1. 6-point margin will receive payout of 4:1 while a margin of 5 points will pay 2:1. A winning margin of 4 points will pay out 1:1. The side bet will lose in all other instances even if the selected hand wins.

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