US Federal Online Poker Bill Is Still A Possibility

January 5, 2013 |

Dean Heller declared that he will still fight for online poker legislation

Last year, the fight for online poker in the United States got a lot of attention and although things were looking good at some points, it turned out to be a fail. Most people consider that 2012 was the best time for this bill to pass since it was before states like Nevada and New Jersey pushed very hard for their own legislations. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there is no shot at an online poker legislation in 2013 and Sen. Dean Heller seems to think that there is still hope for US gamblers.

Online Gambling

Playing online does have a lot of advantages for players. It can be very easy to find what to do during winter when there are online casinos available and you don’t have to travel to a gambling venue in order to play the popular casino games, such as Blackjack. The latest games look very realistic and players from the United States can always find some sites to play at.

US Federal Online Poker Bill Is Still A Possibility

The gambling industry in the United States is now worth around $105 billion which is the largest market in the world. However, China is starting to catch up quite rapidly and Las Vegas has already been overtaken by Macau when it comes to high rollers. To keep their gambling dominance, the US might be forced to legalize online gambling which will open the gates to a new industry, worth about $30 billion. The success of legalizing online casino games and regulating the operators can be easily seen in other countries which took advantage of the gambling boom. Britain is the perfect example here since it is a very powerful gambling market and it got 21% of its revenue from internet gambling in 2012.

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Reid-Kyl Bill

The bill proposed by Harry Reid and Jon Kyl in 2012 was meant to legalize online poker on a federal level but ban any other forms of internet gambling. With Sen. Jon Kyl now retired, the bill has lost a lot of its strength and although Heller declared that he is not sure how this will affect the process in the future, things aren’t looking very good. Kyl was one of the most powerful and influential GOP senators and had brought a lot of experience to the table, not to mention the connections he made in almost 20 years.

There is still hope and Heller hopes to get more GOP Senate colleagues on his side to help with the online poker legislation. It remains to be seen what the year will bring but gamblers shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for a federal bill.

Nevada Online Poker Changes

The Nevada Gaming Commission is looking to make some changes to the regulations, mostly to allow for an easier intrastate agreement. Nevada has been handing out quite a few online poker licenses in 2012 and the first signs of the legalized market are expected to go live early this year. However, with New Jersey making a lot of progress with its online gambling legislation, Nevada is pressured to make some changes. Currently, the legislation only allows players from the state of Nevada to take part in online poker and there is no intrastate possibility unless a federal law allows it.

If Nevada successfully changes the legislation and New Jersey legalizes online gambling, it will be interesting to see how the negotiations between these two gambling states conclude.  New Jersey has three times as many residents as Nevada so Las Vegas might just lose its position as the main gambling hub in the United States.

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