Unibet closes its doors in Spain

December 8, 2011 |

The leaders of this online casino did not apply for a legal permit

Unibet criticizes the new legal terms for gambling online

The online casino by the name of Unibet, which is also sponsor of the Valencia soccer team, is going to close its doors in Spain in the near future.  After December 20th there will be no access to the site and bets will no longer be available through this website.  The only features that Unibet is going to be providing to its members is, through their website are withdrawals.

Unibet did not apply for an online gambling license with the Spanish Government, according to one of the representatives of this company.  According to some people, Unibet was not in complete agreement with some of the regulations that they would need to follow and this is why they decided to close their doors instead.

Last November 16th, the government of Spain started to ask online casinos to apply for certain licenses, which would allow them to keep operating if they meet certain requirements.   These licenses are going to be accepted by December 20th and those online casinos that do not have them, will have to stop some of their gambling services online.   Internet gambling is now being regulated by some countries, because they believe this is the best way to keep gamblers safe and to make some tax money as well.

In the past many companies from other countries, were operating through the internet in Spain and this was something that the government decided they should control.  Now more Spanish investors are going to be able to own online casinos and this will certainly benefit their entire country.  Some online companies from Great Britain did benefit a lot from the online gambling community, but these new laws are going to make the gambling over the web features much better for all gamblers.

At the same time that some of Unibet’s representatives, stated that they were going to be closing their doors in less than a month, they also explained to their clients, how they were going to pay out some of the funds that they have with them.  According to some of the representatives of this Swedish online gambling company, people who have some money in their accounts can log into their main profile and withdraw their money.  They also said that some of the Unibet Plus accounts, which have less than 1000 Euros, will be interchanged into VIP Points on December 12, 2011.  It was also stated, that if these points are not used by December 20th, they will be lost and there will be no form of getting them back.  The points can be changed for some of the products in the Unibet web store or as some buy ins for poker tournaments.

Sixteen online gambling companies have applied for the new gambling licenses and this is obviously going to make this industry a lot more competitive.  There is still a six month period of time to apply for these licenses and there are probably going to be other opportunities in the future as well.

Unibet is a Swedish company that was created back in 1997.  They specialize in sports gambling, online bingo, casino game and poker.  They have over 5.7 million members in 100 different countries and this is certainly one of the biggest online gambling companies in the world today.  Even though Spain is not going to be one of these 100 countries after December 20th, Unibet will still be operating in many other places and people will still be able to enjoy their services.  Some of the best bets can be accessed through this website and it is always fun to see what they have to offer.

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