Top 3 casinos of 2012

July 6, 2012 |

There is a wealth of online casinos you can enjoy, but the question that many wonder is which online casinos are sitting at the top of the list as the best online casinos? This is a question we will be answering today to help you understand who stands out as the top 3 casinos of 2012.

Before we get started on the top 3 casinos of 2012, the first thing you must note is that whilst many of you will be thinking of the likes of Platinum Play, All Slots Casino or Casino Tropez, none of these “Big name” casinos make the list. Whilst some of you will be reeling at this, there is good reason.

The big casinos are great, no denying that, but the issue is that they are not as good at being brilliant as other online casinos that seem to understand their players a bit more.

So with this in mind, let us tell you who the top 3 casinos of 2012 are, they are Winpalace Casino, Tropical Cash Casino and Spin and Win Casino. Three brilliant casinos we are sure you will agree.

Winpalace Casino

As soon as you visit Winpalace Casino you are hit by its wonderful and elegant casino design. The casino looks classy and has an expensive feel to it. But this is not what makes the casino so great.

Let us get into the grit of why this is in the top 3 casinos of 2012.

Winpalace has an extensive array of online casino games, these range from your usual slots to craps, roulette, many types of poker, pontoon and other table games and all of these are polished off with speciality games such as bonus bingo, keno, hot dice, sic bo, lucky eights and magic sevens.

The games are then backed up with huge promotions and none come better than the welcome bonus where you can enjoy a two hundred percent match up bonus worth up to $1000 absolutely free. On top of this, high rollers can enjoy even more with up to $3000 free through a three hundred percent match up for those depositing one thousand dollars. The free $3000 is for slot only.

After signing up you can start enjoying weekly promotions delivering free cash and more, a lot of these are also tailored to specific game types so the slot lovers get their own bonus, whilst table game players get something else.

Winpalace Casino is a top notch casino, hence being placed in the top 3 casinos.

Tropical Cash Casino

When you first log on to Tropical Cash Casino, the excitement hits you straight away through the fun and alluring nature of the casinos design. Once you have got overt the aesthetically pleasing layout you can progress into the more important side, the games and the promotions.

Tropical Cash Casino carries slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette and more so you will be inundated with hundreds of different games to choose from at Tropical Cash Casino.

On top of this you will also get to enjoy loads of promotions. The promotions start as soon as you sign up to Tropical Cash Casino, this is because you will get to enjoy a one hundred percent match up bonus on your first deposit worth up to $500 free. On your first deposit, if you deposit between $50 and $500, Tropical Cash Casino will match your deposit.

Tropical Cash Casino is an immense online casino that offers you an amazing online casino experience, it is for this reason it manages to achieve top three rankings.

Spin and Win Casino

Spin and Win gives you a real feel good factor when you visit the casino, it really delivers that lively, happy fun feeling we all love when playing our favourite online casino games.

There are hundreds of online casino games available at Spin and Win Casino, these games come in all manner of types from slots to table games and more. This is part of the allure of Spin and Win Casino as you get to choose from an arsenal of enjoyable games.

The promotions at Spin and Win Casino are not too shabby either, you will get to enjoy up to £250 as a new player over your first three deposits. Once you feel more of a veteran you will not despair as you will also get to enjoy fifteen percent cash back for life on all deposits made.

The mixture of a fun filled, well designed casino that many of the younger audience will enjoy, mixed with great games and promotions really does entice players to Spin and Win Casino. More importantly it also helps retain players because this is one great online casino that delivers to a higher standard than it actually claims (which is already a very high standard).


Now you have seen the top 3 casinos of 2012, the question is whether you agree? If you do not agree, then the only reason why can be because you have not spent time trying these three casinos out for yourself.

Of the three casinos mentioned it is not easy to relay which one takes the podium in first place, or who deserves second and third. In fact the only thing that can be said is that between the three of them, they are crowned the top 3 casinos in 2012.

Some of you may not agree with the three casinos mentioned, for these people we can only say that you should try them before passing judgement. Its easy to become used to the casino you play it, even to become somewhat protective over it, but it doesn’t mean that you are getting to enjoy the best online casino that the internet has to offer.

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