The Truth about Reverse Withdrawal

May 31, 2012 |

Depositing funds at an online casino is a simple matter of selecting a convenient deposit method and depositing money into the online casino account. Things get a little complicated when it comes to withdrawing funds or cashing out. Each casino has different rules as regards withdrawals as well as the methods to be used. This information is available at the casino’s cashier section. However, players may often encounter the term “Reverse Withdrawal” when they deal with the withdrawal facility at the online casino. This article attempts to explain why the practice must be avoided.

In simple language, Reverse Withdrawal is when the player cancels the withdrawal instructions given by him to the casino. The player simply takes back his instruction given to the casino to transfer the funds from his casino account into his bank account. Online casinos favor the reverse withdrawal feature and encourage players to use it. It is a well known fact that online casinos prefer that the player keeps his funds for as long as possible at the casino. For them it is a potential for more business as they hope the player will wager those funds at some point in time. Once the player withdraws his funds, the money is out of their reach.

To understand the concept of reverse withdrawal, we must first understand the withdrawal process at an online casino. When you make a request for withdrawal of funds from your online casino account, you might be told that the process takes 24 to 48 hours. There may be a valid reason for this delay, like a build up of withdrawal requests or some glitch in the system, etc. During the waiting period, the funds are in transit and neither in the player’s casino account nor his bank account. It is at this time that the casino lets the player know that he may opt for reverse withdrawal instead of making a fresh deposit.

On the face of it, this appears to be a sensible option. Also, the casino will very promptly transfer the funds back into the player’s account so that he can begin wagering right away. Some casinos might even offer a bonus against a reverse withdrawal. The casino’s aim is to prevent the player from withdrawing the money in his account so that he wagers more and the casino benefits from the business.

Reverse withdrawal is a temptation for the player – he might gamble away more money than he planned to. Especially online gamblers that aren’t strong willed might find it difficult to practice responsible gambling. The option for reverse withdrawal might lead to gambling addiction for players who cannot resist the temptation. Also, you might be interested in this article on wagering requirements:

Many online casinos are doing away with the reverse withdrawal option to follow responsible gambling practices. However, players might want to learn the tricks to resist temptation. It is advisable to withdraw surplus funds as soon as possible, but leave a tiny balance in the account. Just in case you have the urge play your favorite game during the window period, the funds are present in your account. Read what the other players have to say about reverse withdrawals here:

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