The History Of Blackjack

July 19, 2012 |

Blackjack History


The origin of Blackjack like many other games is still a mystery. Some believe that this game was played before the birth of Christ while others are of the opinion that it was invented after the invention of the playing cards which was around 600 years ago.

According to one theory the Roman were the ones to invent Blackjack in the 700BC during the Roman occupation of Europe. It is believed that they used to play the game using wooden blocks which contained different numerical values. Even today many Romans are crazy about Blackjack. Back then the game was in its simplest form. During these times gambling was rift with the Roman soldiers and they are known to gamble on anything and everything from jewellery to animals and also wives.

Several centuries later after the playing cards were invented Blackjack was played we cards as we know it today. The evolution of the game to the present form can be traced back to either Italy or France. The Italian game which is considered to be the predecessor of the modern Blackjack was known as Seven and a half. It had many rules similar to Blackjack. The game was played between 2’s -7’s and the Face cards. Cards from 8’s – 10’s were not used but the Aces were present. The Ace carried 1 point and the face cards carried .5 point. The objective of the players was to get as close as possible to making 7.5 points. If they exceeded 7.5 points then they were busted. The dealer could hit or stand when he/she wished.

In France during the 18th century a game known as Vingt et un which, translated means twenty one, was popular among the French aristocrats. The rules of the game were very similar to the modern day Blackjack. France is therefore believed to be the country of origin by many blackjack fans. The game was played in rounds with players who tried to achieve a total of 21 points. But if the dealer achieved 21 points then he would be paid at 3-1. Probably this is how house edge come into the games.

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In 1875 the game of 21 had reached America. It was in 1910 the game was first played in the American gambling halls. To begin with it did not have many takers, so the gambling halls created a new bonus payout for certain hands in an attempt to increase its popularity. Many gambling halls offered bonus payouts to those players who landed the hand ace of spades and the jack of clubs or spades. This is how the name Blackjack was coined. By the 1930’s the game had become the number 1 game in Vegas.

The fact remains that Blackjack was not conceived by any one person at a specific point of time. This game was evolved over centuries and it still continues to evolve. Today it has become one of the most popular casino games. There are many variants of the game available over online casinos. People across the globe are crazy about the game.



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