Stratus Canarias wins the Zarzuela Optional

March 14, 2012 |

Horse racing is still a passion for many

Betting on live horse races

For many decades now, people have loved to bet on horse races and while some States or countries prohibit them, there are still many places that do allow them and some people can now enjoy horse betting online.  For many years now, there have been online casinos and other websites, which have offered the people the opportunity to bet on their favorite horse races from the world and if you are a fan of this sport, you will be interested to know that the famous horse Stratus Canarias won the Zarzuela Optional.

More than 3000 spectators were able to assist to the first spring horse race of the year, at the Zarzuela Horse Race Track and it was surely an event to remember.  This was the first phase of the spring season, which will be formed by 22 races and then the summer season will begin.

The most important race of the night was the so called “Handicap Optional” and it was won by Stratus Canarias, who was the favorite in this race and was ridden by Croquevieille and trained by Enrique Leon.  The race was led by the winner the whole time and many had no doubts that this was the perfect bet for the first race of the spring season in Spain.

This phase of the season incorporated 74 beautiful horses and there were usually more than 12 horses per race.  During this phase of the season, more than 54000 Euros where divided between the best five horses in the races.  The Zarzuela Horse Race Track also reported profits of over 140000 Euros, which are excellent for the first phase of the season and the year.

Many people are already exciting with the new horse betting opportunities that they have and many want to start registering to some of the popular online casinos, which now offer completely legal horse betting.  If you are not yet a member of one of these website, you need to start considering this right now, because you could actually make a lot of money by simply betting on a horse that you like.

Betting on horses can be really fun, because you can now if you are a winner in almost no time at all.  Horse races will usually last only a few minutes and even though this can sometimes be very frustrating, when you do win, you will simply love that feeling.  Horse betting is still very popular in many countries around the world and Spain has already started this year with an excellent horse racing event, which will be hard to match.  Whether you want to actually go to a horse race track or simply place some bets over the internet, horse betting is definitely one of your wisest choice, because if you know how to read the odds and how to choose some horses, you can definitely make some money with this.  Learning about the different horse betting opportunities is also important and this is why you should always consult an expert before actually trying to place some bets.

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