Start Playing Slots With Friends

June 21, 2012 |

Slots are one of the most popular casino games no matter if we are talking about the traditional brick and mortar casinos or their virtual cousins. The game is very easy to play and usually has a pretty high prize for the lucky player that gets the right combo. Considering the fact that it is based mostly on chance and that there are no real strategies to playing slots, the game has quickly become a favorite amongst gamblers and it is quite easy to see why.

While the traditional slots have their strong points and there is nothing like the sound of the coins dropping in the metal pocket every time a player gets a jackpot, the slots found online come in an incredible variety of styles that can satisfy every type of player. The overall game remains the same but it is now much easier to access and users can enjoy a nice game from their own home or even from a mobile phone.

As Online Casinos become more and more popular, games such as slots need to evolve to keep up with the new generation and while the basics remain the same, there are always new features that can make a game more interesting. The most recent news regarding online slots comes from Olympic Online Casino and they have introduced the first multiplayer slots game.

It is called “Fishing with Buddies” and it can bring together five friends and give them the chance to play their favorite casino game together. The users will play at the same virtual table and there is a two stage bonus where all the players come together to play. There are also other unique features that make it more fun while playing with friends; users can see what the other players get on every spin but the bet amount and the winnings are only shown to the specific user.

The idea is pretty simple and straightforward but the notion of multiplayer slots has never been applied until now and it already seems to be a success. It is always fun to play with friends, chat during the game, compete against each other and of course, make your winnings known. Starting can be very easy, you just have to go to the website and start playing, invite your friends and have fun together. As most online games, there is also a community that will keep growing as the game becomes more popular and players can easily find new friends in a game of online slots.

This is just the first of its kind and it is very likely that more online casinos will come up with similar multiplayer games if people like playing them. If slots are not your favorite game, there are plenty of other casino games to choose from that will satisfy your gambling desires. It is all about having fun and the thrill of winning is always the number one factor of these games but the cash prizes are also very attractive.

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