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July 8, 2012 |

Sports betting is big business and has grown exponentially thanks to the wonders of the internet. Once upon a time we all had to wander down our high streets to a local betting shop and place the bets we wanted, this meant that we had to find time to go and make a bet before the event, today times have changed.

How many of us have placed a bet or two in a land based sports betting shop and how many of us have placed one online? The truth is that many times more have done this online but not in the shops.

There are many reasons sports betting has become huge on the internet and we will go into detail about each of the reasons why. Some of the reasons are actually industry changing thanks to the internet’s element of bets being able to be placed at any time, others are simply around convenience.


Betting confidence is a huge reason for online sports betting to be the preferred option when it comes to having a flutter. The confidence issue is around walking into a betting shop where loads of men are sitting around watching the screens and shouting at their favourite horse or football team. If you have never been in and placed a bet it can be an intimidating place.

Confidence in the bet you are making is not the problem, it is the confidence in doing this in a betting shop that many have the issue with. This has meant that many people who didn’t feel comfortable of making a bet in a betting shop are now able to do so in the comfort of their own home by doing so online.


The convenience of online sports betting outweighs pretty much all other reasons. The beauty of online sports betting is that you can place the bets at any time you want from any location, even in your bed if you fancied. You can literally log on and make a bet simply by having an internet connection.

On top of this the process for making sports bets online is easier than any other manner. If you think about it, once you have gone through the registration process and deposited some money, it’s a matter of making a few clicks and entering how much you wish to bet and before you know it your bet is on and you can sit back to enjoy your favourite sport.

In play betting

In play betting is a new innovation that internet sports betting has easily made available to the masses. The idea behind in play betting is that you can actually make a bet during a sports game on many different elements of the sport you are watching. An example is that if you are watching the football at home, you can simply log on with your computer and make an in play bet on who you think will score next, what time might get a red card and so on. The market odds change constantly so if you’re clever you could get great odds and win some big money.

Again this is a brilliant reason for people using sports betting online because it’s the easiest way to engage sports betting through in play betting.

Online Sports Betting Promotions

Betting shops don’t really offer big promotions to bet in their shops, the online sports betting arena is the total opposite. If you are looking for a way to enjoy your betting experience and feel like you’re getting something in return then look no further than the online sports betting sites. Every sports betting site has a new members offer that usual comes in the form of a free bet or a match up bonus for free cash amounts given based on the amount you deposit.

Sports to bet on

Many online sports betting sites actually offer a wider range of sports to bet on. The reason why this is the case is because many land based betting shops only allow bets made on sports within your country of origin. Online sports betting sites do not restrict your betting practises so if you love German football but are based in the UK, then you are sure to be able to bet on the German Bundesliga from your sports betting site.

Best Sports Betting Sites

There is a wealth of great sports betting sites on the internet that you can enjoy, the question is which one is right for you?

Again this greatly depends on your needs, but generalising the needs of many we have an idea of what some of the best betting sites are.

The three sports betting sites that satisfy the needs of the multitude are Bookmaker, bovada and justbet. All three of these sites offer a huge range of sports betting options and cover a wide range of sports too. Not only that they all have great promotions and slick and easy to use sites.

Overall the three sites are all great, if you are interested in any of them why not give them a try for yourself to make an informed decision.


Overall the reasons for online sports betting as opposed to your high street betting shop are huge, if you have never tried online sports betting you will be amazed at the ease and enjoyment of using sports betting sites.

When choosing a sports betting site always ensure you carry out research so you know its reputable. There are loads of great reputable sites, but there are a few rogue ones too.

Overall we hope you enjoy your sports betting experience and that you agree with our reasons for online betting being better than offline.

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