Should online gambling be monitored?

December 30, 2011 |

Some people want to monitor online casinos

This is not legal and it violates citizens rights

Some people are still very concerned that online casinos and cash casino gambling is going to be legal and regulated in many parts of the world.  This is actually a good venue for most countries and this is certainly going to help get more money in this time of crisis.  Most countries have not been able to get some profits since the economy withered in 2008 and many of them have actually gone bankrupt, but this does not mean that entertainment should be banned and that people should be monitored while logged in to the web.

Some people like Mr. Sheldon Aldeson have voted in favor of monitoring people and opposing to some of the legalizations of these industries, even though he owns several online casinos and has benefited for them for several years now.  There is surely something that he must gain, if these types of regulations are not approved and if he gets to monitor how people are gambling in his sites.  The most important thing about regulating the internet gambling sites is that they will help to keep teenagers off these sites and not get addicted to gambling at a very young age.  Most of the people agree that decriminalizing these sites, will certainly allow parents and government official to keep under age gambling at a very low rate and this is one of the best benefits about these new laws.

Other people believe that many teenagers are already gambling in some of the illegal online casinos and that many have also come up with ingenious ideas to become members of the legal casino on the web right now.  It is hard to prove this, because not many teenagers have been captured yet, but if monitoring is permitted, they will be.  Some State and Federal regulations would establish what would happen to the teenagers that are caught playing in these websites, depending how they are funding their accounts and what exactly casino games they are playing.

Right now, people who live in the US and like to play at the most secure poker sites are not able to play at websites that guarantee their payments and money is safe.  Most of the people, who play these games today, have to do it through websites from other countries.  Some important companies have also been accused of bank fraud and other illegal activities and this certainly does not add to the justification of having illegal casinos operating on the internet.

poker on the webIf we want to have a safer world and internet environment, we need to accept that poker on the web is one of the most popular activities and that it needs to be legalized so that we can control who plays on these websites and how they treat their customers.  Scamming, robbing, underage gambling and others are problems that will be solved by legalizing and monitoring the sites online, but this should be done with respect to the privacy of each player.  Monitoring their traffic through the online cgambling websites should be strictly regulated and this should also be monitored by the proper authorities.

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