Selecting the Best Blackjack Casino

June 1, 2012 |

Online Blackjack Casino

You might not find a huge variety in online blackjack games as you would find with slots. Yet, there are a sizable number of blackjack variants being offered by some online casinos to keep the blackjack fan interested. If you love blackjack and want to try out different variations in the game, you must find an online casino that gives you the options. The article outlines a few points to keep in mind while selecting a great casino for playing online blackjack.

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Unlike slots, which is a game of chance, blackjack is a game of skill. Using the correct strategy, optimally, it is possible to get high average returns in blackjack. Regular players of the game and those who have an exceptional memory can remember the strategy card. But, the average player might need to refer to the blackjack strategy card prior to every move. This is quite inconvenient as it interrupts the smooth flow of the game. Some online casinos provide the auto play feature where you can set your game on auto play by utilizing the strategy cards. Players have the option to disable this feature at will. This is a useful feature if you have difficulty memorizing the blackjack strategy card.

The game of blackjack has a low house edge. However, there are some blackjack variants that have an extremely low house edge. Vegas Blackjack is one such variant with a low house edge. Vegas Blackjack is generally played with 8 decks of cards. However, fewer the decks, the better it becomes for the player. Some online casinos present four-deck Vegas Blackjack and single deck Vegas Blackjack. Single deck games have an extremely low house edge, thus proving advantageous to the player. If you want the highest, returns, join a casino that offers single deck blackjack variants.

If you enjoy the challenge of playing blackjack in a tournament setting, most of the Microgaming casinos offer blackjack tournaments. In a blackjack tournament, players begin with the same number of chips and play the same amount of hands. Those left with the highest number of chips at the end share the prize money.

Some online casino software providers have developed innovative blackjack variants. If you are looking for a change from the routine, you might want to try out Microgaming’s Double Exposure Blackjack or the Hi-Lo European Blackjack. Similarly, Playtech offers Blackjack Switch and Lucky Blackjack while WagerWorks offers Power Blackjack and Double Attack.

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A few online casinos offer special bonuses for blackjack players. To make the most out of your blackjack session, make use of the blackjack bonus that will allow you to stretch your bankroll to an extent. Check out Win Palace – it offers a special blackjack bonus of $1000 for new players.  While choosing the best casino for blackjack also consider other factors like the reputation, security, reliability, licensing issues and service at the casino.

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