Scott Seiver Wins $2 Million In Paradise Island

January 9, 2013 |

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Full view of the hotel on Atlantis Paradise Island. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 2013 PCA $100,000 Super High Roller awards the largest prize pool

The tenth annual PokerStars Caribbean Adventure kicked off on Saturday with the $100,000 Super High Roller event which brought out some of the biggest names in the industry to Paradise Island, at the Atlantis Resort. Once the dust got a chance to settle, Scott Seiver was the one holding the trophy and the first place prize worth more than $2 million. It is the largest prize pool ever awarded by the PCA Super High Roller event and no one could have asked for a better start to 2013.

Scott Seiver Wins $2 Million In Paradise Island

Scott Seiver after winning the 2013 PCA $100,000 Super High Roller

It took more than 200 hands to determine the winner from the final table and it was all down to a heads up match between David “Doc” Sands and Scott Seiver by the end of the night. In an interview after the event, Seiver declared that it is can be easy to win when you get pocket Aces and the opponents go all in. Of course, luck isn’t the only thing that got him his largest poker payday to date and he showed some great skill throughout the tournament.

Final Table

When the last day started and only eight players remained at the table, Sands was leading the pack by far. It didn’t take long for sparks to start flying and seven hands later, only five players remained. The first one to go was Dan Shak who made it very close to winning this event last year when Viktor Blom defeated him in heads up play. Shak started with a 100,000 bet while holding K-J of diamonds which was called by Greg Jensen before Seiver raised it to 275,000 while holding pocket Aces; both players called. The flop showed 10s, 9c, 9h and Shak didn’t waste any time before going all in with his remaining 500,000 stack which made Jensen fold. Seiver called almost instantly and with another Ace on the turn, he made a full house and there were no more outs for Shak to remain at the table. The large win gave Seiver a very good position with a stack of over 2.5 million.

As the seats began to clear, only three remained for the dinner break and when they came back, Nick Schulman was eliminated by Sands who was holding pocket Tens and flopped a set. The heads up match started with Sands having a significant advantage over Seiver. The latter proposed a deal but Sands was not willing to give away 5% of equity, so he refused. Chips exchanged hands between the two for a level until Seiver started with a 400,000 bet from the button while holding pocket Nines. Sands three-bet to 900,000 with pocket Tens and Seiver went all in for 6.22 million which Sands then called. After a 9 came on the flop to give Seiver a set, Sands said that he still feels like he is going to win; however, this didn’t happen. The match was pretty much over at this point and just a few hands later, Seiver won the title and the $2,003,480 first place prize with an Ace-high hand.

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