Player Responsibility as Regards Online Casino Security

May 31, 2012 |

As online players, our main concern is the issue of security at the online sites. While looking for an online casino to join, we make sure that the casino utilizes the latest security and encryption systems so that our personal data is safe from hackers. Reputed online casinos are audited and licensed by independent agencies. They are granted licenses to operate only if they prove they are using the latest technology to safeguard customer and financial data. Needless to say, online casinos on their part do everything possible to ensure a safe gaming environment. But what about us, the players?  Do we exercise the vigilance required to protect our computer systems and data? In this article, we outline some of the precautions players must take to be vigilant in the online gambling scenario.

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Antivirus Software

Virus attacks create havoc in the computer’s operating system corrupting data and generally making it unusable. Antivirus software offers protection from such virus attacks. Online casino players must ensure that antivirus software is installed on their computers and laptops. More importantly, the antivirus software must be kept current with the latest updates installed. It is also a good idea to set up daily automatic scans especially if you are an online gambler. Scan reports of attacks must be immediately attended to by taking necessary action.

Security Password

casino siteMany of us are quite careless about our security passwords. We use the same password at
multiple gaming sites or we may not be sufficiently cautious while using it. This is a dangerous practice that may compromise all your personal and financial data across various sites. The passwords must be unique for every casino site you join and it must also be periodically changed, an advice often ignored by many online players.

Browser Upgrades

Internet browsers are being constantly upgraded to include up-to-date security technology. Failure to use the upgraded version of the browser may leave you open to security risks.  It is very important that you upgrade to the latest browser version so that your computer is protected with the latest security protocols. You must take care to formally sign out from the gaming session; additionally, you should also clear browser history and cache after each session. This practice is crucial if you are wagering from a public computer.

Phishing Scams

When you gamble online, it is necessary to be alert as regards the information you will be providing. No online casino will ever ask the member to provide personal information or credit card details through email. Such sensitive information is always taken through secure forms on the website of the casino. Emails asking for sensitive information are always a hoax and should be deleted. These are phishing scams that seek to gather information that is bound to be misused.

Most of us tend to leave the computer on and connected to the internet even when it is not being used. This is not a recommended practice since unattended systems are often a soft target for cyber criminals. The less your computer is connected to the Web, the less chances of being hacked. It is always a good practice to switch off the computer when not in use. Not only will you save electricity, you’ll also be protecting your computer from virus attacks.

To conclude, the security of your personal and financial data is as much your responsibility as it is of the online casino. The casinos have specific security arrangements to ensure a safe gaming environment. As a player, you too have a responsibility to improve the casino’s effort by being an alert online casino player and by taking certain precautions of your own. For more information, click here.


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