Plans To Regulate Online Gambling

October 28, 2012 |

United States and Europe are trying to improve the gambling experience

While online gambling is expanding into new European countries and becoming an international trend, it still seems that the United States Government has problems making it legal and introducing new regulations which can help protect the users and also tax the companies accordingly. Popular European online gambling sites, such as Swiss Casino, can be very successful in the United States if there is a clear set of rules that allow citizens to gamble online while providing the best conditions.

In a meeting held this week, panelists from an Internet gambling commission agreed it is time to start thinking about ways to regulate online gambling and soon make it legal. The initial plan didn’t work out so well and despite the Federal Government placing a ban on online gambling for quite a few years now, citizens can still simply go on the internet and wager on a variety of sites. There are actually hundreds of gambling sites that accept US citizens and it has finally become clear that the government cannot stop people from joining them. Some states have already begun to make online gambling legal with poker being the starting point. However, state-by-state regulations will most likely create different laws which will eventually come in conflict. Federal regulations will apply to all states in the same way thus making the United States a safe and uniform online gambling market.

As far as Europe goes, Spain has recently joined the online gambling train and the major sites have already developed special sections for this new market. Swiss Casino is available in several languages, including Spanish, and it is a very popular pick with more than a decade of experience. It has improved over the years and gained the trust of a large community of players who enjoy the new PlayTech powered casino games and the attractive bonuses. Apart from the large welcome bonus, there is also an extra cash promotion in which existing players can invite their friends and get €25 for free.

Regulated online gambling can help prevent addiction and it is much easier to study the gambling patterns online than it is in traditional venues. Studies show that gamblers who consider that they have a problem are more likely to seek help on the internet and try to get back in control. Fair tax rates and rules can help players avoid such problems and also offer the needed assistance to get over them if needed. There is also the problem with underage gambling which isn’t well monitored in the United States.

In conclusion, the world of online gambling is not the same all over the world and this can make it difficult for some players to get the best gambling options available. The good news is that one of the most important gambling markets, the United States, seems to be adapting to the demands of the citizens and the pressure exerted by some of the states. It is still uncertain when or if online gambling will be legal on a federal level.

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