Phil Ivey Accused Of Cheating In An UK Casino

October 22, 2012 |

£7.3 million is not enough to get Phil Ivey worried

Phil Ivey is one of the biggest names in poker, having won five World Series Of Poker bracelets as well as other big tournaments throughout his career. He is known for playing high stakes games both online and in traditional venues with a lot of success. The year 2012 was also a pretty good one and he was in the race for Player of the Year which is a very big honor but he didn’t manage to get enough points. Although he is a common face in big poker tournaments, he also enjoys other casino games and frequently visits them.

In late August, Phil Ivey was enjoying his time in a UK casino, Crockfords. He started with £1 million, playing punto banco, and eventually got up to £7.3 million. He decided to cash out and so he asked the house to simply transfer his chips to a bank account. There were some delays since it was a holiday in UK and the transfer would happen the next day. However, as soon as Ivey left the casino, the staff began to investigate the possibility of him cheating and so the money was never sent.

This investigation simply started from the fact that Ivey won too much and there is nothing else that would support this claim. The company started an investigation and talked to everyone involved from the casino as well as watched the replays. It turns out that none of the cards were marked and Ivey didn’t even touch them during the whole time he spent there. However, it seems that Ivey was accompanied by a woman who was suspended from another casino but there was nothing suspicious about them that night.

The casino has the right to freeze his winnings while the investigation takes place but it doesn’t seem like Ivey was cheating in any way. He started off pretty bad with almost half a million pounds in losses but quickly climbed back and ended the first night with £2.3 million; he then came back the second night and claimed another £5 million.

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