Pennsylvania Hoping to Put Stop to Online Federal Gambling Ban

October 23, 2014 |

A new hurdle might be approaching Sheldon Adelson’s attempts to resurrect the Wire Act and strike a federal ban on all online gambling in Pennsylvania.

With the state legislature still coming to terms with the regulation and legalisation of intrastate internet gambling, the Democrat’s representative Mike Sturla from Lancaster County proposed an initiative, which would prevent federal interference in making laws on gambling.

Sturla placed House Resolution 1095 in front of the House of Representatives urging the US Congress to defeat the S.2159 and H.R. 4301, federal bills by Representative Jason Chaffetz and Senator Lindsey Graham in support of the Adelson’s mission for a ban while reviving the 1961 Wire act.

Sturla is of the opinion that a regulatory structure to be established by the Pennsylvania, Gaming control board will legalise a form of gaming, which is currently illegal to operate with full consumer safeguards.

Rep. Mike Sturla commented on his resolution that while everyone might not agree the elected representatives, has the right to deliberate draconian restrictions in the form of federal interference, his views and resolution was quickly supported by the poker association opposing the restoration of Americas wire act initiative, asserting in their statement that the Pennsylvania legislature showed interest in possible regulating and licensing of online gambling in the state and that it made the passage for this resolution critical to ensure the states right to progress with the legislation without the unwarranted federal government restrictions.

Will Darling, representative of the PPA in Pennsylvania commented that it was infuriating that the Congress considered a federal online gaming ban, which denied the state government their ability of ensuring consumers protection online through an established online gaming marketplace with state laws and enforcements.

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