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July 7, 2012 |

When it comes to poker everyone gets a little secretive, out comes the poker face and cards are played close to our chest so no one can see. Whilst this is the case, the opposite can be said about people talking about where to play poker and who with.

Poker can be played anywhere where there is a deck of cards, but this doesn’t mean it is always easy to find somewhere to play. Because of this many people have turned to playing poker online, a great alternative and why not given its enjoyment value and the fact you can play whenever you wish and from the comfort of your own home.

Given the amount of people playing online poker is increasing dramatically, let’s look at online poker and find out more about why people are increasingly turning to playing online.

Reason for playing online poker

There are a variety of reasons why players have turned to poker online. These different reasons are explored below.

Many land based casinos have moved away from having many poker tables, if any at all. It seems that with all the revenues that slots can bring many land based casinos are actually reducing the playing floors of other casino games and replacing them with slots instead.

Land based casinos that do have poker are a great place to play poker but many people find it a daunting and intimidating place to visit, especially if they are new to poker, or would be visiting on their own. Online poker allows people to stay in their comfort zones as they don’t have to face other players and they can also get to enjoy playing whilst being at home where they will not feel uncomfortable.

The financial situation many people find themselves in is another reason for trying online poker; this is because of the lure of a big hand landing large a sum of cash has. This lure of changing their life through a big win has driven many people to change to playing online poker.

The final reason is that many people have turned away from the traditional nights out of pubs, bars and clubs and decided to enjoy a new form of entertainment. As mentioned many people may have previously declined the opportunity of a land based casino because of not feeling comfortable, but the social convention of an online poker site is totally different and easily embraced. For this reason many people have dropped other entertainment options and decided that they will enjoy playing poker online instead, this is why numbers are increasing dramatically.

Places to play online poker

Now we know why people play poker online the next question is what the places to play online poker are? Well there are many outlets for playing online poker, the question you have to ask yourself is whether they are reputable or not.

We have compiled some information on a few quality poker sites for those who are still unsure where to enjoy playing this great card game. You can read the information on a few poker sites below:


Pokerstars is among the best known of all poker sites on the web, this site is the crème de la crème of online poker. As soon as you visit you are instantly hit by its greatness and even big name stars have joined in the Pokerstars circus of fun.

Pokerstars carries a wealth of different poker options; these include tournaments, team games, live poker games and more. If you are looking for a great site then Pokerstars is for you.

Lock Poker

Lock Poker really doesn’t need an introduction, but for those who are new to the online poker world we will give you some valuable information.

Lock Poker is a renowned online poker site where even the world’s best poker players are known to frequent. Whilst this may worry you, don’t be afraid, Lock Poker is geared up for all levels of poker players and loves new players with little experience as well as veterans of the online poker circuit to join.

You can enjoy pretty much any poker type available at Lock Poker, there is everything from Omaha and Texas Holdem to 5 Card Draw and 7 Card stud.

True Poker

True Poker, or “The real deal” as they say on their site, is a great online poker site many poker players truly enjoy.

The beauty about True Poker is that you can play for real money, or simply play for free to get to grips with the game. It must be noted that whilst playing for free you cannot win any real cash, but it is a great way to practise your poker face and see how you get to play the best hands.

There are many different poker game types at True Poker and there are great tournaments on offer. Some of the tournaments allow you to win part of a prize pot of up to $50,000.

Illegal Poker Sites

If the above do not take your fancy then take time in picking your online poker site, whilst there are many great and reputable poker sites on the internet, there are also illegal poker sites too. The illegal sites tend to let you pay your money in, but you will struggle to get any money back out again.

We always say that you should research the poker site you have chosen before actually signing up so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are getting the best poker site around and also one that is not illegal either!

Remember to enjoy your gaming and also play responsibly.

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