Online Keno

February 1, 2013 |

Having fun with numbers!

Online KenoKeno is a game that is often found at online casinos in the Special category and it has always been a favorite amongst gamblers due to the simplicity of the game combined with the high payouts. It is one of those casino games that only takes a few minutes to learn but the fun can last for hours. If you are having some issues with finding a reliable online casino to play various games, we recommend you check out these frequently asked casino questions before we get started.

Getting started

Keno is a gambling game that resembles bingo or lottery and it is based on random chance with the house edge known to vary quite a lot depending on the version. The most popular keno game is based on 80 numbers and the player has the option to choose how many numbers to pick, up to 15 or even 20 for some versions. After the bet is placed, 20 numbers are randomly selected. In brick in mortar casinos this is done by using imprinted balls; online casinos just use random number generators.

What makes keno so fun is the fact that players have the option to make their own odds and go for specific payouts by selecting a certain number of balls. For example, only choosing one number will have a payout of 3x for most versions if the number is hit. On the other hand, going for the maximum 20 numbers will offer increasing payouts with every extra ball that gets drawn. It is important to mention that the keno paytables can vary from one casino to another so it is recommended for enthusiasts of the game to pay attention to these details.

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Choosing the odds

The payouts are determined by the numbers selected by the player and the ones which are hit. The paytable is normally presented right next to the numbers with the multipliers calculated for every outcome.

If we consider the maximum of 20 numbers selected out of 80 in a game of keno, the chance that all of these numbers get drawn is around 1 to 3.5 quintillion. Despite the low odds for 20 numbers to come up and the fact that there are no records of this happening so far, keno actually has some very nice odds with large payouts. Hitting just a few of the numbers from a ticket of 20 will generate nice prizes. The best odds in the game while selecting 20 numbers is to get 5 of them right.

Enjoying online keno

Online keno can be played very easily and those that enjoy lotteries will certainly appreciate this game as well. The game doesn’t normally need a lot of flashy graphics in order to be successful and something classic is usually the most popular. There is also an option for autoplay in most versions of the game so it is enough to just select the numbers you want to play, place a wager and let the game run for a certain number of plays. At the end, you can check out how many numbers were hit with every play and how much money you won. You can play Keno at Play2Win Casino here and enjoy the game at one of the most respectable sites in the business. Play2Win offers great looking games as well as large promotions. New players can get 300% for free, up to $2,222, on their first deposit which can mean a lot of keno plays.

Of course there are also other games available at Play2Win and gamblers can enjoy a wide selection of titles from popular slots to classic table games and everything in between.

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