Online Gambling Modifications In The US After The Elections

November 9, 2012 |

Online gambling within the United States is a very sensitive issue and while some states have recently legalized online poker, talks a about a federal bill being introduced haven’t been so popular during the elections. Due to the federal regulations, most of the gambling sites cannot access the US markets and they do not allow residents to join. This limits the options for US gamblers and it also affects the online casinos that would otherwise benefit from a larger customer base. Tropical Cash Casino is very popular and a great online casino available for US players. The logo for the Tropical Cash online casinoFor more information about this site, check out the fresh updated Tropical Cash Casino review and read about the attractive welcome bonus, cashback promotion and much more.

Presidential politics for the candidates

For people that enjoy gambling, the elections were also a way to vote for the party which would be more likely to legalize online poker soon and online gambling later down the road. Out of the two main candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the Democrat representative is considered to be kinder to a new legislation regarding online poker.

Obama is known for playing poker from time to time but he never directly addressed the problem. This can be good and bad since there is some hope that online gambling will be made legal in US but on the other hand, there is no clear stand regarding when this will happen. The Deputy Director of the Economic Council did however touched on the subject during the campaign and declared that it is up to the states to make some forms of gambling legal and that the Administration will keep a close eye on the matter to make sure that the sites aren’t just a front for illegal activities.

Mitt Romney stated that he is against online poker and that the party supports the prohibition. Even more than that, he would like to reverse the decision made by the Justice Department which allows some states to legalize online betting.

What the future holds for online gambling

Now that Barack Obama has won the elections, we might see some changes on a federal level regarding online casino games; the odds are certainly better than what they would have been if Romney was elected president.

Nevada and Delaware have already made some changes and allowed online gambling with some of the largest casinos in Las Vegas working hard to provide a new online poker room for residents of the state. However, these regulations can vary from one state to the other; a problem that can be solved with the help of a federal bill that provides all states clear guidelines and laws regarding online gambling.

The problem with legalizing this activity is that it can be difficult to reach a compromise which will satisfy both parts. There are also a lot of benefits to consider and states can generate a new income from taxing online gambling sites and players while providing an increased security and combating gambling addiction in a more efficient way.

Online gambling options in the United States

Despite the fact that online gambling is not actually legal in the United States, citizens can still find online casinos which offer them all the gambling options they desire. Cash Casino offers information about the best online casinos in the world, some of which not only welcome US customers but also provide incredible bonuses and promotions to make their experience more enjoyable.

The list on the site is constantly updating to provide the latest information and the reviews can be very useful when looking for a new online casino; it makes it possible for users to learn all they need to know about a gambling site without having to make a deposit and try it out for themselves. There is also a news section available at Cash Casino which keeps people up to date with the latest changes in the gambling world.

There is no lack of options when it comes to online gambling in the United States and it is very easy to find a casino which offers everything you need at the click of a button. By making it legal, more online casinos would be able to launch their product and try to attract new customers with even bigger bonuses and better promotions.

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