Online Gambling Is Expected To Grow In 2013

December 15, 2012 |

More and more gamblers choose to play on the internet

As we are getting ready to leave 2012 in the dust and focus on a new year filled with possibilities, it looks like online gaming will play a big role in the gambling industry. A recent study done by Spectrum Gaming Group shows that one of the growing trends for 2013 is internet and mobile gambling which will dominate in most predictions covered by the research.

Online Gambling Is Expected To Grow In 2013

Online gambling is a popular trend for 2013

It is easy to see how online casinos are evolving every year with new names being launched quite frequently from companies that want to get a share of the fast growing market. The software is getting to be amazing and the latest casino games are surely something to be admired. As online gambling becomes more popular and new regulations are issued to protect the players, sites that offer reliable age-verification systems and online security will be the ones getting more attention. It is always important to consider all your online casino banking options and make sure that every piece of information is secure.

2013 online gambling in the US

It is expected for the United States to have a difficult year as far as online gambling goes. Individual states will continue their competition to offer options for players on the internet which will most likely lead to a split market in the absence of a federal bill. Security will once again prove to be one of main factors with geolocation software being a must, regardless of the state.

Whether or not 2013 will be the year for online gambling in the United States with a special federal bill to keep things organized remains to be seen and players can look forward to some of the gambling sites that are expected to go live early next year in Nevada and Atlantic City.

Native Americans are already checking the water with free-to-play online poker rooms and as the trend becomes more popular, the pressure on the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act will become bigger. Tribal operators will certainly have a presence in the online gambling industry but it remains to be seen how much this will be.

Social gambling

According to the study, social gambling will probably be the next big thing with the help of the popular social networks that have already shown interest in entering the real money gambling market. The huge numbers of users that constantly frequent social networks make it the best place to introduce some gambling games and give them the option to wager right from the site. Partnerships between social gaming companies and gambling operators will create a new force on the internet which will increase competition and make it more profitable for the average user.

Facebook has already declared that the company is working with 888 Holdings, one of the largest gambling companies in the world, to get into the real money gambling sector through social networks.

Online lotteries

An interesting trend shows that online lotteries will grow at a fast pace as more people will buy tickets with the hope to win millions of dollars by just spending a few bucks. In fact, it was mentioned that the lottery sector is becoming so popular on the internet that more of them will have to consider a private management or privatization.

All in all, it will be very interesting to see how online gambling will change in 2013 and while the study takes into consideration various factors and offers a pretty clear forecast, surprises are always just around the corner. For now, we can only take advantage of the top Christmas offers available and get into the holiday spirit.

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