Online Gambling in Europe

June 3, 2012 |

There have been a lot of recent developments in the way different European governments are looking at the online casino world, casino news that is making big waves to casino operators. These recent events are sure to rock the boat for many online casino companies as different nations set out different criteria for what is acceptable and how they can gain financial revenue from the online casino outfits.

Ireland is a nation in financial turmoil. Whilst not to the extent of Greece, the turmoil in Ireland is one with high unemployment, lots of empty properties and a government struggling to maintain a cash flow.

To counter the financial issues in Ireland the government had looked at additional income streams, one of which was to tax online gambling operators. This tax looks set to bring much needed revenue to support the Irish economy. With the Euro crisis looking to deepen the casino operators have had a small reprieve as the Irish government have put back the review of the proposed tax to early next year and a go live date of 2014.

[geocode id=2] Denmark is another nation looking at the online casino world to see what is happening and decisions have been made there too. In Denmark it is not a financial decision for the government, in fact it is more a regulatory response. At the start of this year Denmark launched its own online gambling regulatory body, this body has now passed judgement and made it illegal for any non licensed online casino to advertise within the nation. This goes as far as publishing its web address or contact details anywhere.

This is a positive move for those online casinos that are fully legitimate and licensed and should help the people of Denmark in choosing a safe and secure, fully licensed online casino environment.

Spain is another country in the headlines, this time it is around Spain licensing of online casinos. Spain has been agreeing online casino licenses with many going live 2 days ago on the 1st June. There has been a little bit of a delay however with those using the .es Estonian domain, these licenses go live in 2 days time on the 5th of June.

The reason for the proposed dates were due to the online casinos themselves not wishing the licenses to go live on a weekend where the biggest gaming is in force, any issues during this time could have impacted their business greatly.

So there you have it, the full round up on recent changes made by European governments about the online casino world. Some of these changes have a positive impact on the online casino user such as those in Denmark, whilst others don’t really affect us casino players but do have a direct impact on the casino operators.

The online casino business is huge in Europe, even during these harder economic times. In fact you could say because of the issues financially across Europe, many people are actually turning to the online casino for their fun and thrills more and more rather than going out.

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