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March 18, 2013 |

Great revenue increase for 888 and Paddy Power

Over the past few months, most of the attention in the online gambling world has been directed towards the United States. Of course, this wasn’t without reason as New Jersey and Nevada both made big steps towards regulated online gambling but it is interesting to watch European operators fly under the radar. The changes in the US will allow for players to gamble within state limits and according to the regulations available, but amazing offers are already available for American gamblers. The top sites are reviewed on this very site with competitive Casino Loyalty Programs that reward regular customers just for playing.

But again, we are focusing on the United States; although to be fair, the sites are also available for gamblers from Europe.

Online Gambling In EuropeMore customers, less limitations

The European Continent has the only open online gambling markets in the world and the most experienced operators in the industry. There are countless options for players that want to gamble on the internet while being guaranteed perfect security and fair conditions and the only way for investors to get real profits is with the help of European companies. To put things in perspective, the US market that everyone is talking about recently, didn’t generate any profits for publicly traded companies since the government banned online gambling in 2006.

However, the investors have seen substantial increases in shares value based on the potential that lies in some of the markets; Caesars Entertainment and Zynga are the top examples. The population in Europe is also an important factor to take into consideration since it is double the one in the US, even without Russia. The regulations that are more liberal towards online gambling make Europe the ideal place for online casinos and sports betting.

New games are constantly being added to the top sites as big software providers never seem to take a day off. This makes it very entertaining for gamblers and also attracts a great deal of new customers which are surely pleased with the easy casino download process. Nowadays, it only takes a couple of minutes and a few clicks of a mouse to download and install a new casino application in order to start playing. Some sites even skip the step altogether and just allow players to enjoy the games from the browser, with the help of a Flash plug-in.

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888 Holdings continues to grow

The company that has shown the most progress in the past year is certainly 888 Holdings which has managed to triple its value in just one year. The marketing strategies are so well made and executed that the company has even shown growth in the online poker market despite being at a stagnating point in Europe. It is considered that online poker has reached a plateau and that it will take large innovations to jumpstart the industry again. With this being said, 888 had poker revenues increasing by 44 percent last year compared to 2011. Not even the big Full Tilt Poker re-launch could do anything to stop the rising revenues of 888.

Things continued into 2013 and the company noted an increase in revenue in the first quarter of 2013 from the record figures it registered last year. Mobile gaming also increased by 18 percent this year and 888 Holdings is now focusing on the US market which will soon open a few doors.

Paddy Power

Another European gambling operator that has seen a lot of success recently is Paddy Power. The company also used new marketing strategies to get ahead but unlike 888, most of the growth for Paddy did not come from online poker but from the mobile segment. The mobile gambling market is far more likely to grow and the sports betting operators also don’t have to worry about hitting the brick wall represented by giants in their industry, like PokerStars.

As Paddy Power saw revenue increase by 25 percent, the profits did not go up that much due to an aggressive strategy to reinvest the money and expand into new markets. This meant opening 47 new shops and improving the digital offering.

While these are the two European iGaming providers that saw big revenue increase in the past year, they are not the only ones. Other companies also had success in Europe despite the cutthroat competition and the ever-changing customer demands.

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