Online Gambling And Social Networks

March 13, 2013 |

More casino games expected to come on Facebook

Social networks have become a big part of our day-to-day life and it was just a matter of time until gambling made its way in. Of course, casino games on social networks are not that new with a real money bingo app introduced on Facebook a few months ago. However, the increasing number of operators that want to get in on the action is very interesting and users on the popular social networks can expect to see more options made available this year.

Right off the bat, we have to mention that there can be huge differences between social games and regular online games. Companies need to make sure that they pay attention to the small details and that players will be able to enjoy the games and have all the privacy features they want on their network. Online casinos are already quite popular and offer a wide range of games in a secure environment and some pretty nice promotions to attract more players. Some users can have a difficult time knowing what is the real value of a casino bonus with so many promotions offered by the top sites, but useful guides are never far away on the internet.

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Social games

Social casino games need to be fun first of all and the gambling elements must be made secondary which is pretty complicated given the nature of the games. Improved graphics and even a nice storyline for some of the titles can help get more users interested in playing which can lead to them sharing their results with friends. This is a pretty important element to consider with social games since sharing is what makes it so fun and also promotes the game at a very fast pace.

Online Gambling And Social NetworksTo give an example of a casino game on social networks, Arooga recently launched a slot game on Facebook called Camelot – King Arthur’s Quest. The company has a lot of experience with social games and the release of an online slot has been speculated by quite some time now. The game, which is themed after King Arthur, has an animated and fun style that encourages users to spin the symbols. It has 25 paylines on 5 reels and comes with special features such as a 15x multiplier, a free spins mini-game called Grail Quest, and a Wild symbol styled after the legendary sword of Excalibur that allows users to re-spin and a wheel of fortune on the Round Table; free spins can be shared with friends.

The graphics are very well made and this makes the game very fun to play with all the animated symbols just coming to life with every spin. Slots are very popular on the internet and fans can now access this title on the biggest social network in the world. For more online slots game, check out some online casino reviews and see which sites you find most appealing.

Sharing with friends

Not a lot of gamblers want to share their bad sessions with friends, especially if we are talking about real money games. Most players would prefer to keep things a secret and this is where social casino games tend to lose some ground. On the other hand, sharing a won slots jackpot with friends can be very nice and it is likely to encourage some of them to try their luck as well.

Operators can also try to promote certain games that are not available on the social networks by offering users the chance to share and like their results. Some online poker sites have implemented an option where players can share an entire hand on Facebook so that their friends can see how well they played or what a bad beat took place. Arguably, poker is in a league of its own when it comes to social casino games since it is a game played with other users and can be very entertaining to play with friends, even for virtual coins.

Games that build communities of players can have quite the success on social networks and this is one of the reasons why bingo was the first real money choice on Facebook. Bingo has always been a game created around certain communities that would get together and enjoy the game while socializing. The interesting thing is that this hasn’t changed online and social networks can be the perfect fit.

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