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February 23, 2013 |

Winward CasinoAre you in prime form to take the first tentative steps into the foray of the online casinos? Maybe you are someone who has already enjoyed the wonders of the online casino world and simply wish to build on what you have learnt with some pearls of wisdom. Whatever your reason for being here, read on and digest as we give you a wealth of online casino information.

The online casino world offers some amazing opportunities for those who have the drive and interest for fun and enjoyment. You can enjoy a wonder of gaming opportunities that will keep you busy for hours, more importantly you can get a massive amount of cash in winnings if you play your cards right (yes we meant the pun!).

Right, let’s get talking business then.

What should you know about online casinos?

Online casinos are places where you can enjoy casino gaming from the comfort of your own home, but we all know that. What you really want to know is whether you can win money at the online casinos and how much of the money put into the casino comes back out to the players.

The truth is that you can win some great and tidy sums of money at the online casinos and some people have been known to become millionaires simply by having a game or two online. Generally online casinos actually only keep a small fraction of the money wagered there with casinos paying out around 94% to 98% of the money paid in on average. Some casinos don’t pay out as much as this and should be avoided.

Best Paying Games

When talking best paying games you can split this into two sections, the first being games that pay out the biggest jackpots and the second being the games that pay out the highest percentage of money wagered. With this in mind read on about both of these different sections of best paying games.

The games that pay out the biggest jackpots are the progressive slots. The progressive slot is a slot that is played on numerous sites with the combined wagered amount being the jackpot total. This means that the slot can amass millions in jackpot amounts and massive jackpots can be won. It is not irregular for people to become millionaires overnight by winning the big jackpots on the slots.

Now we turn to the games with the highest percentage of money wagered. Again this goes to the slots, the slots have high payout percentages. In fact the payout percentages on the slots reach the dizzy heights of up to 98% and even 99% of the money wagered. The reason why the slots can achieve this is because of the huge amounts spent on them, so with this in mind there is no reason why you cant be part of the 98% by winning some of the money back into players pockets.
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Huge Bonuses Available

There is a wealth of great bonuses at the online casinos, it sometimes feel like they must be making a loss with how much they give away. The truth is though that you need to understand how the bonuses work to really get to grips with whether a bonus is worth the value put on it or not.

Bonuses are big and brash, but the small print changes the value into a pittance if you are not careful. Many of the terms and conditions talk about the play through times you need to go through to retain the monetary value of the bonus. By this we mean that should you be given $1,000 you may have to play through this 32 times to keep whats left, meaning its unlikely any money will remain. Now if the play through is only 2x then the potential bonus you keep could be huge.

All the above is not to say that bonuses are bad, far from it, they are a wonderful and integral part of the casino process. What you do need to do is read up on the bonuses on offer to make the most out of them.

If the above sounds great why not read up on a great casino such as the WinPalace Casino review, or go a step further and find out how to become a real good poker player!

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