Online Casino Loyalty Programs

June 1, 2012 |

The word Brand under a magnifying glass illustrating marketing aIn the competitive online gambling industry, casinos try all the tricks in the book to attract a large customer base. You’ll find all of them offering bonuses to entice new customers. Most of them also offer a loyalty program which is a means to reward existing customers. This article gives you an insight into the workings of a loyalty scheme. Also, you might want to look at this article on the worth of casino bonus offers.


These days it is quite rare to find an online casino that does not offer some kind of a loyalty scheme or VIP scheme as it is sometimes called. Loyalty programs are meant to encourage the player to spend money at the casino on a regular basis. The scheme usually grants points for playing real money games at the casino. These points are known as comp points, frequent player points or loyalty points. The more the player wagers at the casino, the more points he earns.


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Every loyalty scheme has various levels which could range from three to eight. As the player earns the points, he climbs up the loyalty levels. Each of the levels of the loyalty scheme offers special perks and rewards. As the player advances to higher levels, things change for the better. They get more number of points for their wagers, special prizes and reward money. They also get a better rate for exchanging their points for merchandize or cash. Usually, players reaching the highest level may get personal account managers, quick withdrawals, better monthly bonuses and better cash back rates.


How much each loyalty point is worth will depend on the individual casino rules. You may have to wager $1 to earn 10 points at one casino while the same amount might fetch 100 points at another casino. The points you earn also depend on the games you play. So for example, you might earn 10 points for wagering $1 at slots but you get only 5 points if you wager $1 at blackjack. Players should ensure that they are aware of the value of the loyalty points to avoid any confusion in future.


Casino loyalty programs came into being at land based casinos and the idea was carried forward to online casinos. Each online casino has a different loyalty scheme and for a player who is particularly interested in a loyalty program it is not difficult to find a good one. A loyalty scheme is certainly beneficial for someone who plays at the casino everyday. Online casinos prefer such players since they generate a steady business. Thus, a casino loyalty scheme is beneficial to both, the casino as well as the player. Check out this link for more on casino loyalty schemes.

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