Online Casino Bonuses and their Worth

May 31, 2012 |

Value of Online Casino Bonuses

The online casino industry is full of competition and each online casino is vying for your business. Every online casino goes out of its way to entice you to join them. One way to attract customers is to offer bonuses. Various kinds of bonuses are being offered online. Let us take a look at the variety of bonus offers and understand their worth for an online casino player.


No Deposit Welcome Bonus


The online casino is happy that you chose them over its competitors, so they want to welcome you into the fold. Usually, the welcome bonus is a small amount of bonus ranging between $10 and $50. No deposit is required to receive this bonus – you merely have to sign up at the casino. The player has nothing to lose by accepting this bonus. In fact, it is a great way to test the casino site and the games being offered. There is no obligation for the player to return to the site if he is not satisfied with the casino’s service.


Match Bonus


A match bonus is also called the deposit bonus or reload bonus. Here, the casino will offer a matching percentage of the deposit you made as a bonus. So, for example, Casino X offers 100% bonus on your first deposit, which means if you deposit $50, you will have another $50 credited into your account. A match bonus may be awarded on subsequent deposits as well, although at a lower percentage. This is a reload bonus, meaning the casino is giving you a bonus for topping up your account.


Online casino bonuses are not exactly free money that is being doled out to the player. There will always be conditions to complete before the player draws any benefit from the bonus. More often than not, these conditions are quite difficult to fulfill as they entail wagering the deposit plus the bonus a certain number of times. To do that the player might have to spend more money from his own resources, which might not be worthwhile.

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Weekly and Monthly Bonus


The online casino wants you to return and play at the tables frequently. The bonus may be in the form of a casino chip or player points that will be credited to you only at certain times, say on the weekend or month end. Such bonuses persuade you to return to the casino on a regular basis. For the casino, this practice generates regular business and profits at a tiny cost.  Again, the weekly or monthly bonus will have wagering conditions to be completed, so make sure to check them before opting for it.


Bonus for Banking Methods


Some online casinos will offer a bonus for selecting a particular banking option. Usually it is a third party payment processor like Neteller, Moneybookers or Click2Pay from whom the casino gets the money instantly, limiting their own liability. Such bonuses are generally a small amount, just enough to thank you for the selection and not large enough to impact the casino’s profit margin. If the payment processor charges you a fee for the service, the bonus you earn is effectively wiped out. So, get all the information before opting for the banking bonus.


Refer a Friend Bonus


casino valueThe casino is always on the lookout for more business. And, if you recommend the casino to a friend and the friend joins the casino and deposits money, you get a bonus. Refer a friend is also a small bonus amount, generally ranging from $50 to $100. It is advisable to check the casino’s conditions before referring a friend so that the bonus is mutually beneficial to both of you.

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