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February 23, 2013 |

slotsThere has been a huge number of new and innovative online casino games released since the turn of the year and we feel this is something that will help 2013 be seen as a huge and great year for online casinos.

Whilst not all games are released to huge fanfare, we are still surprised that many new games have slipped under the net in being given its own column inches in the online casino news. We ourselves have actually fallen fowl of not being able to talk about all these great games, but its not hard to see why when there is literally tens, if not hundreds of games released every month.

New Microgaming Games

Microgaming is renowned for their games and this year the games have been released in abundance, so much so it has been a revelation. Read on to find out about a few of the new Microgaming games.

Jason and the Golden Fleece

Jason and the Golden Fleece is a brilliant online slot based on the Greek mythological story of Jason, the same Jason from Jason and the Argonauts. Jason took his band of men on a sea faring journey to find the much coveted Golden Fleece. This story is a few thousand years old, but is still as interesting now as it was back then.

This game is a brilliant graphical feast that throws in the wonders of Ancient Greek Mythology to deliver something special.

Starlight Kiss Goes Live

For Valentines this year, Microgaming released a Valentine’s Day themed online slot. This slot was received extremely well by the masses and it seemed that men and women the planet over could not get enough of Starlight Kiss Goes Live. With Cupids arrow firmly in the sights of many on Valentines day, it was a huge surprise that many ducked his accurate archery skills and stayed at home for a game on this slot instead.

Marvel Slots Galore

Playtech has been busy this year. We all know of the interesting argument between Playtech and Marvel meaning Playtech had not released a Marvel based game for a while. Well things have changed and it seems the argument has cooled and Marvel is happy with Playtech once again as Playtech recently launched a new Marvel slot.

The older Marvel slots were all progressive games, but this latest one isn’t. This latest one is a standalone game with a slight difference to the games we are used too. One thing that isn’t different however is the fact that a brilliant Marvel superhero is on offer, this slot having Thor The Mighty Avenger.

Lotto Mania

Lotto is big business, but it only happens one or twice a week dependant on where you live, so why not have a game where you can play it all the time. Well now you can thanks to Top Game. Top Game is a quality game developer and they have really kicked the bucket with this latest lotto game.

Lotto Mania is a big game with brilliant game play that has seen players scrambling to enjoy a game or two. The game follows the usual Top Game style of games, but has an extra edge to keep players enticed and enthralled.
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Midway Madness

Real Time Gaming (RTG) has launched the Midway Madness slot. This slot takes the amusement arcade park we all enjoyed as kids and brings it into the comfort of our own homes.

One of the luring aspects of the Midway Madness slot is the video graphics showing the amusement arcades in their best light. Players are kept entertained with the big brash lights and interesting graphics.

Games Galore

Every year we talk about the wonders of the games developed, but 2013 is already hotting up to be a better year for games than any other game we have ever seen. Its clear that all of the big casino game developers are currently hatching plans to bring out bigger and brasher games, games that have interesting hooks, engaging graphics and symbols that will make you smile and more.

Whilst we are only a couple of months into the year, stay tuned to find out more about the games on offer as we know there will be hundreds of more new games to come…some of which are sure to change the way we view our online casino gaming experience for the better.

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