New London Casinos Record A Large Gambling Boom

December 2, 2012 |

Nobody predicted this amount of success for the new casinos!

With online casinos are becoming very popular, a big portion of players choose to play from home and not travel to a brick and mortar. The advantages are pretty clear and there are certainly a lot of options available on the internet, each with its own set of benefits, bonuses and gambling games. As online casinos are becoming more and more popular, it is expected that brick and mortar gambling venues will have less and less customers. Of course, there will always be a demand for traditional casinos since they offer a glamorous experience for all players.

Online Casinos

For example, Spin and Win Casino offers a large welcome bonus, attractive cash back promotions and exciting games. There is no need to travel to a certain destination to start playing and everything can be accessed with a few clicks of a button. Playing on the internet also means that there is always a seat available at all the games you want to try out and there is no need to put up with the other people at the table.

The online casino is doing a great job at making the experience feel realistic for all its players and this is a very good thing. The graphics and animations for the games are always nice to admire.

However, even with the best looking software on the market, online casinos will never be able to completely duplicate the feeling you get from a brick and mortar casino. Despite the fact that many traditional casinos have been struggling over the last few years, it now seems that numerous gamblers from London have decided to leave their computers and check out the new gambling palaces. Thousands of players frequent the non-stop casinos to wager on a few games and have fun with friends.

London Mega-Casinos

Aspers Westfield

Aspers Westfield – Touch Table Roulette

Aspers in Stratford will have its one year birthday in about one month and it has been pretty crowded with numerous players looking to experience the real thing. The second large casino to pay off in London is the Hippodrome from Leicester Square. Both of them claim to be the biggest gambling venues in Britain and are open 24/7 so it is always possible to take a sit at the tables or spend a few hours on the slots machines. Thousands of gamblers come to these two casinos every night and the great response has surprised everybody, even the owners who were expecting to only get half of this activity.

The casinos are styled after the large gambling palaces found in Las Vegas and come as a result of the gambling regulation changes made in 2007. By eliminating the need for players to register with the casino 48 hours in advance, more players can now simply walk in and start playing whenever they feel like it. The regulation was meant to prevent addicted players from getting into a worse position by limiting their decision by two days, time in which they could think about their choice and not just act on impulse. Even without the regulation for these two large casinos, it doesn’t seem to draw in problem gamblers.

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Aspers, who has a surface of about 64,000 sq ft is getting very close to recording 1.5 million customers during its first year and with just one month left, things are looking good. Around seven thousand players come to the casino during a Saturday night and there is still enough room for more without ruining the experience for other customers. The chairman, Damian Aspinall, stated that they changed the gaming landscape and increased the number of customers quite significantly. Be sure to stay up to date with the latest casino news to learn more about the gambling industry and how it continues to change.

Of course it isn’t just about the gambling games and these venues include luxurious bars, restaurants and even a cabaret theatre when talking about the Hippodrome. These added features also changed the way casinos are seen. One of the goals of the managers was to change the “James Bond image” casinos were having and make it more like a casual night out that can be enjoyed by everybody. With an average of £30-35 wagers per player, it isn’t more expensive than a regular night at the movies.

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