Nationals Maintain Their Top Position After A Close Game

June 30, 2012 |

It was a pretty close game last night between the Washington Nationals and the Atlanta Braves and the 5-4 final score means that the Nationals will continue to keep their first position in the National League East division. In just a few words, there were some nice plays and close calls during the game which turned out to be very entertaining as the Braves played a very aggressive style and did their best to beat the top team.

The star of the night for the Nationals, Michael Morse, certainly played a great game at the bat as he went four for four and also got a solo homer in the eighth inning. He has been playing very well in the last few games getting two home runs during these four last games as well as a double. He is surely one of the guys to look out for in future games and he is getting better and better with every game.

Ross Detwiler also had a flawless early game and didn’t allow the Braves to get any point for six innings which meant a pretty nice lead for the Nationals. Despite starting off well, Detwiler lost his edge in the seventh and there were some mistakes that got the Braves a fighting chance. It was all over soon for Detwiler as Andrelton Simmons got a two-run homer and made the score even.

It wasn’t over yet, and Morse was the last to put in his two cents and got a homer in the eighth which got Washington the win and made it 44-31 for the number one team while Atlanta got 40-36. All in all, it was a nice game to watch but what makes every game more interesting is a little bet on the action.

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This last game, despite being a close one, showed the strength of the Washington Nationals and why they deserve to be on top. Needless to say that the Atlanta Braves gave them a run for their money and are surely a team to be considered when betting this season. Keeping up to date with the latest sports news is very important when gambling because there is always something that can change the odds and make for a better payout.

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