More Las Vegas Casinos Get Online Gaming Licenses

November 4, 2012 |

MGM Resorts International passed the preliminary stage

Some of the biggest casino operators in Nevada have been trying to get online gaming licenses since the state regulations have been changed to allow online gambling options, with poker being the first step in what most people hope to be a series of new laws which will make more alternatives possible. Some of the casino operators have already received their license but none of them have officially launched a site.

This week, another three big names were recommended in front of the panel which is in charge of controlling the new online poker laws and supervising the future online casinos. Amongst them was MGM Resorts International who has now passed the first stage of licensing but is still waiting to get the green light in order to start providing a new online option for people in Nevada. The final decision regarding these three casino operators will be made in twelve days when the members of the panel will meet again.

Despite the fact that MGM will most likely get its license this month, it doesn’t look like they will be able to launch this year due to the partnership with Boyd Gaming and; the latter still not having a license to operate in the state of Nevada and will probably not get one until next year.

As a Nevada based online casino is still not available, citizens of the United States can suit their gambling needs somewhere else. Miami Club Casino is one of the best options right now and the design is meant to resemble the luxurious nightlife for what Miami is known for but Las Vegas is certainly not far behind. So, if you are looking for an online casino with style, with all the popular games and with a welcome bonus to double your investment, this is the best choice. The Miami Club Casino bonus is worth a total of $800 divided amongst the first eight deposits to make it more accessible to customers so that they can get the full 100% welcome bonus.

The other two companies that got their preliminary license this week are Z4Poker LLC and CAMS LLC from Los Angeles. The first one is looking to join the online gaming business in Nevada in order to provide software for some of the small casino operators that want to launch on the internet. This comes as a response to the big casino operators teaming up with the giant software developers while the smaller casinos are left aside. The main feature offered by Z4Poker will be reliable software at an affordable price to help small casinos grow online.

CAMS focuses more on meeting the regulations in Nevada by providing special security systems to prevent underage gambling; a very important feature in a growing market because a lot of attention is being directed towards the negative parts of online gambling such as access to underage users and addictive patterns.

There are already 12 names on the list of companies who have received an online gaming license since June this year so it might not take too long for online poker to become legal in Nevada. As mentioned before, citizens of the United States don’t really have to wait for this to happen or travel to Las Vegas in order to play their favorite casino games since there are plenty of sites that accept US players. An interesting thing is that one of the biggest names in the gambling industry, Caesars Entertainment, is still waiting to get the green light from the panel and introduce 888 to the residents of Nevada.

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