Miami Club Casino Experience Beginner’s Luck

November 19, 2014 |

Miami Club Casino proudly shares this beautiful experience they had with one of their new players. Charlie M, who registered at Miami Club Casino and was ready to test his hand on some interesting games. What happens next has astounded the casino and Charlie M himself. Keep reading as this story is one of great winning and it landed this player as an honouree spot on the Miami Millionaire’s Row.

Charlie, from North California, started off his night with the Black Magic video slot from WGS and the magic came through beautifully on 2 bonus rounds and made this new player $20,000 richer. It is here were most players quit but Charlie moved on to explore Jesters Wild, which is a newly released game. This game offers a “Spin up Your Win” feature, which made Charlie $60,000 richer. Fabulous multipliers increases wins by 5 times and yes you guessed it, Charlie collected $12K and the night of winnings now really started showing some wealthy results.

With a nice healthy profit this new Miami Club Casino member started increasing his bets to $150 per spin and the luck continued in his favour bringing in another $48K. The total winnings for the evening added up to $125.000 with over 1.000.000 complimentary points, which resulted in Charlie going up within one night from the beginner’s status to a valued Miami Millionaire’s Row.

Stephan Vaughan, who is the Club Manager at Miami Club Casino, gladly shared his feeling in a press conference and said from the minute the new Jesters Wild was launched, they had a feeling that this game was super special due to all the great features it offers. He extended warm club wishes to Charlie who will now be able to enjoy fantastic benefits from his prestige’s membership.

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