Mega Moolah Payouts

May 31, 2012 |

We all know about the wonders of the Mega Moolah progressive slot. You know the big progressive slot that pays out more money and higher jackpots than pretty much any slot ever created? Yes, you do and its hitting the casino news again.

Mega Moolah was a known slot before 2009, but in this fateful year the Mega Moolah slot changed the online casino world forever as it paid out over €6 million to one lucky winner. Yep, back in May 2009 a lucky player at River Belle Casino changed their life forever by playing Mega Moolah and striking the big one, the huge jackpot of jackpots.

More recent wins on the network of Mega Moolah slots are nothing to be sniffed out either €3.84 million was won in October last year and £1.96 million in December last year.

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Anyway back to the present day and the Mega Moolah slot is still making waves in the online casino world for its payouts, this time in a different way. Over the past week or so the Mega Moolah slots have been paying out at alarmingly rate, so much so that casino forums across the internet are buzzing with excitement at this recent casino news.

To show you there have been many recent wins we have managed to research and gain information about some of the recent wins over the last three days. You can see these wins below:

€ 7,611         20 hours, 10 minutes ago     Mega Joker (Unibet)     Slot     Unibet Casino
€ 37,481    2 days, 16 hours ago     Mega Joker (Unibet)     Slot     Unibet Casino
$23,754     17 hours, 10 minutes ago     Mega Moolah Major     Slot     Rich Reels Casino
$36,934     1 day, 17 hours ago     Mega Moolah Major     Slot     Rich Reels Casino

While we were looking at these big wins in awe, another win struck us taking us further into a level of frenzy too.

To show how much this great brand of progressive pokies is paying out, the Mega Moolah Minor slot just paid out while we were preparing this news story. Only 1 hr, 42 mins ago this slot paid out a large figure and it has had to start building its whole jackpot from scratch. The Mega Moolah Minor slot currently has an average payout rate of 2 hrs, 15 minutes, so this is clearly a huge reason to try this Mega Moolah slot if any.

The Mega Moolah progressive slots have been a huge success for Microgaming since their launch and its not hard to see why when they pay out sums of cash like they do.

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