Making Serious, Consistent Money in Online Gambling

February 8, 2013 |

We could talk about many things relating to online gambling that will get you going in the right direction towards making some serious money, but it is all about making sure that you are setting yourself up to make consistent money from online gambling.  Some of the best online gamblers, online poker players, and even sports bettors and casino players make enough consistently to be able to not find themselves worrying about money.  While you are going to see some of the popular news about live poker tournaments, such as the Scott Seiver news where he brought in a huge score, players can also win huge amounts of money from online gambling as well.  Here we are going to break down how you can make some serious and consistent money as well from online gambling.

Managing Money

casino diceMaking sure to manage your money is going to go a long way towards being successful and consistently making money.  You need to be able to not overplay in terms of your money, and also be able to base that amount off of your total online gambling bankroll.  This also comes down to knowing when you should be slowing down how much you are betting if you hit a cold streak, or upping the bet sizing if you are on a hot streak.  Don’t get crazy if you hit a hot streak though, and make sure that if the hot streak starts to slow down that you bump down your bet sizing.  For example, if you are playing blackjack at the high noon online casino, and you hit five hands in a row, then bumping the bet size up can be right.  If you start to get cold again though, either leave the table or lower your bet until you get going again.

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Selecting the Right Gambling Site

With all of the online gambling sites that are available out there, you need to be sure that you are choosing the right one.  A part of this includes the fact that you need to find a site that offers you everything that you need.  If you are an online poker player then you need to make sure that the site has a great range of games for you, and if you play at the online casino games make sure that they cover everything that you’re looking for.  Last but not least is the sports betting, because if you enjoy it then you need to be sure that the site has a strong sportsbook.  Now, if you are a fan of all three then just be sure that the online gambling site that you are playing at offers the big three of the online gambling world.

When to Cash Off

A part of consistently making a good amount of money from online gambling is to know when to cash some of the winnings off.  I wouldn’t recommend cashing money off every hundred or two that you end up winning, especially if you are playing games that have high variance, and also if you play at the same limits consistently.  What this means is that if you start with $100 and play blackjack at $2-5 per hand, and get that number up to $200, I wouldn’t cash off that $100.  Playing until a specific number is a smart way to do it though, so if you end up starting out with $100 and you set the number at $500 and then cash of $400 of it, that will leave you with your starting balance still.

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