Lottery Jackpot Winners Announce Their Success

December 3, 2012 |

Power Ball Jackpots and other gambling options that can pay off

News of the large lotto jackpot has been flooding the gambling industry for almost a week now and countless players decided to spend a few dollars in order to buy a ticket that can be worth hundreds of millions. As everybody knows, winning the lottery has incredibly low odds which is why the jackpots get so impressive but there are also other gambling options that can pay off for people that want to experience the thrill of winning. Casino games are built around this concept and many people frequent online casinos every day. Sports betting is also a popular gambling option that can be easily considered on the internet.

Lotto Jackpot

Lottery Jackpot Winners Announce Their SuccessDue to the fact that it is hard to get all the numbers right and win a lottery jackpot, it is very common for the initial amount to get rolled over and constantly increase as more tickets get purchased. This is how the Power Ball jackpot last week got to $588 million, an amount which persuaded many Americans to purchase a ticket.

The Power Ball Lottery is based on five numbers between 1 and 59 and a special one between 1 and 35. The jackpot winner is the person who gets all the 6 numbers right, but there are also smaller prizes for only getting five or four numbers.

After being rolled over for 16 consecutive times, the Power Ball jackpot has been won. Although two winning tickets were sold, only one of the holders came forward to claim their winnings. Cindy and Mark Hill are the lucky winners of half of the $588 million prize and they recently made the announcement at the high school they met.

Despite winning over $293 million, which roughly means $136.5 million after taxes, the couple stated that they don’t plan on changing their lifestyle and that they will continue to eat at the corner café every morning. An interesting fact is that the winners are not regular lottery players and they just decided to spend $10 to buy five tickets after seeing the jackpot got so high.

The other winning ticket was bought in Fountain Hills and the holder hasn’t yet come forward.

Online Casinos

The beauty about online casinos is that they offer a wide variety of games which come with different odds so players can always find something to suit their taste. Roulette is a perfect example of a casino game that can have various odds and payouts. Players can easily choose on how many numbers they want to bet on which will determine the wager amount and the winning odds.

Other games such as slots have a repetitive nature but with the potential to win large jackpots with every spin. The game is very similar with a lottery and can easily be enjoyed online, at any hour of the day with some nice special themes to keep players entertained.

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Sports Betting

When it comes to gambling, sports betting is right up there with the best options available. It combines to love for sports so many people share with the excitement of winning real money from each game. The odds are determined for every match but they can vary a bit depending on the sportsbook and this is why experienced bettors are always looking for the best betting odds that can help them increase their profits.

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