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March 5, 2013 |

The best looking table games on the internet

Live Dealer Casinos bring something special to the online gambling world and give users the chance to get even closer to the real experience offered by brick and mortar venues. Playing on the internet has a lot of advantages and more and more players choose reliable online casinos over traditional venues. While the regular games nowadays look very good and have some great graphics, there is still a long way to go until they look like the real thing. Live Dealer Casinos have found a way to offer users the real gaming experience of a casino over the internet and it has become a huge success with large sites such as BetOnline offering some amazing looking games to enjoy 24/7. It is all in the details and having the dealer welcome you to the table and treating you like an important customer is very nice and adds to the experience.

live dealer casino


Where to find one?

Live Dealer games are being added to more and more casinos nowadays since players enjoy them so much. Of course, not all the options look as good as they should but you can find some great sites that offer this great gaming option and join the tables in a matter of minutes.

A good example would be Casino Realis who has put a lot of effort in the Live Dealer section and the results are quite impressive. Users can play their preferred game and watch the dealers live while the casino software takes care of all the rest. Everything is made to be very easy and enjoyable with beautiful dealers working around the clock to make sure that the cards are always in the air and that the roulette wheel is regularly spinning. A great thing about this online casino is that players can check out Live Dealer games for free, in the demo version, and try out the software by using virtual money.

How does it work?

casino_realis-live-dealersLive Dealer Casinos work around an easy concept helped with some scanners for the tables. The action takes place live and a video of the dealer and the table is streamed as part of the game. When the dealer takes a card out of the deck, it goes over a scanner that instantly sends the information to the casino software and makes it part of the game. Players can choose to follow the software and the dealer or just full screen the live stream for a better view. The same concept is used for roulette with the results immediately registered with the casino.

Players have a limited amount of time to place their wager, at the end of which the dealer will start a new game. When it is over, the payouts are made automatically by the software so in some ways, the whole process is faster than playing in a real casino where you have to wait for the dealer to pay all the players at the table.

The cards and the tables are normally exactly like the ones used in brick and mortar casinos to offer a more realistic experience. The dealers are always polite and you can talk to them with the help of a chat box included in the games; this can also be used to communicate with the other players.

Live Dealer CasinoWhat games are available?

Some of the games that are very popular with Live Dealer Casinos are blackjack, live dealer baccarat and roulette. However, other titles such as craps and Caribbean Poker are also very popular to play with a live dealer and pretty much every table game can be added to the list. Online casinos generally put multiple tables in the same room which creates a casino-like experience as users can hear the action from some of the other tables in the background.

BetOnline is the best choice for US players and the software used certainly complements the live dealers and makes everything feel very authentic. The limits for the games can range from just $5 and go all the way up to $500 allowing all types of players to enjoy the magic. BetOnline is mostly known for its sports betting section and also offers online poker aside from the casino games. All the options can be accessed from the same account.

The only game that has a player limit for every table is of course live dealer blackjack since the dealer has to deal a hand to every user that wants to play. This is why it is very common for popular online casinos to include several Live Dealer Blackjack tables so that players don’t have to wait in line when they want to get a few hands going.

Overall, a Live Dealer Casino can be lots of fun and it is something that every player should try out and see just how different the games are compared to the regular online titles.

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