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February 27, 2013 |

Hitting 21 on a real casino table

Online casinos are doing their best to make sure that the experience a player has on the internet is as similar as possible to the one found in a luxurious brick and mortar venue. Table games, such as blackjack, normally require higher standards and everything has to be very detailed in order for the player to be satisfied. Although the recent titles available with some of the top online casinos have some amazing animations and graphics, there are still a lot of differences from the real thing.

Hitting 21 on a real casino table

This is why Live Dealer Blackjack has become so popular around the world and some of the best casinos in the business now offer this feature for their users. The 5Dimes Casino takes it one step further and makes sure that live dealers are available 24/7/365 and that users can chat amongst each other and with the dealer, making the whole experience feel very much like the real thing. There is no better way to play casino games than with the help of live dealers. This combines the best of both worlds; everything looks amazing and you can play it from the comfort of your own home.

How does Live Dealer Blackjack work?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games there are and many players enjoy the game on the internet. In order to win, players must get cards with a total value as close to 21 as possible but without going over it. The game is played against the dealer and it is one of the few casino games in which players can use certain strategies in order to improve their performance.

As the name would suggest, Live Dealer Blackjack works with the help of a live stream of the dealer as she deals the cards. When the cards are extracted from the deck, they are run over a scanner which automatically shows them on the player screen. The player then has the option to hit or hold, like in a regular blackjack game and the payouts are made by the casino as soon as the hand is over.

Live Dealer Blackjack benefits

betonline blackjackA great thing about playing Live Dealer Blackjack is of course the fact that the game feels much more realistic than the regular version and this makes it more entertaining. The addition of a live beautiful dealer that is always smiling is a nice touch. Players that join the table are greeted politely and they can chat with the dealer and with the other players at the table.

Since this feature is about the details, the tables and the cards are exactly like the ones found in large casinos and popular sites, such as BetOnline, make sure that everything is perfect for your viewing pleasure.


Live Dealer Blackjack disadvantages

Since the action takes place live, the players are required to make their decision within a certain time limit. Although this is long enough for every user and it is similar to the game in a traditional casino, it can be considered as a small disadvantage for those that have a habit of not paying attention to the game and taking a long time before making a decision. Live Blackjack can be played with other users at the same table which means that seats are not always available.

Live Dealer Blackjack also requires a better internet connection since more information has to be sent to the player. This shouldn’t be a problem nowadays with high speed internet connections but it is certainly something to take into consideration.

More Live Dealer Casino Games

While blackjack can be considered the most popular table game amongst online casinos, there are plenty of other options for players that want to enjoy the Live Dealer feature. Casino Realis has a great selection of Live Games to choose from and some of the dealers will also call out the results in different languages to make it more comfortable. New users that want to see exactly how this works can simply opt for the Demo option and take a seat at the table without having to make a deposit or even register an account.

Some other popular titles are baccarat, craps and live dealer roulette. It is very easy to see why this Live Dealer trend has taken the online gambling world by storm and more and more players prefer it to the virtual titles that don’t offer the same experience.

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