Live Dealer Baccarat

February 27, 2013 |

Follow the cards and the beautiful dealers

Follow the cards and beautiful dealersBaccarat is one of the oldest and simplest games that can be found in casinos. Its large popularity can be attributed in part to the James Bond movies in which the star would enjoy this particular card game. Since it is a game played against the dealer, it is the perfect candidate for the Live Dealer section that can now be found with large online casinos, such as BetOnline. A great thing about this particular choice is that it started off as an online sportsbook and then branched out to include online poker and casino games and now offers some great Live Dealer games such as baccarat; the diversity makes it very convenient for various players.

How to play baccarat

Baccarat is played with a regular deck of cards, or several. The cards that are below 10 have a value that is stated on the card itself while those above and including 10 have a value of 0; an Ace has a value of 1. The goal of the game is to hit a total value of 9 from a maximum of three cards or get closer to it than the opposing side. Although the game has a Player and a Banker betting section, the player can choose either one of them or bet on a tie before the cards are dealt. The hand that is closest to 9 wins the bets. Baccarat is a very straightforward game and is considered to be very social, an aspect which is lost when playing the regular version online.

The ultimate online baccarat version

Live Dealer Baccarat is a big improvement to the standard version found on the internet because the players have the option to watch the cards being dealt in real time and also interact with the friendly dealers. This is made possible with the help of a scanner available on the table which scans the cards as soon as they are taken from the deck and presents them on the screen; users can opt to play by watching both the live stream and the digital representation of the game or just follow the dealer and the table.


Casino Realis offers new players the chance to first try out a Demo version and join the Live Dealer tables but play for virtual money. It is a great way to experience the games firsthand and see how much more entertaining they are compared to the regular online casino games. Since the dealer doesn’t have to deal cards to every player participating in a hand, like in blackjack, there is no limit to how many users can play at the same time. The bets are just placed on any of the three options and the casino awards the payouts accordingly as soon as the hand has ended.

Get the full experience

5dimes accountEvery gambler is recommended to check out a large live casino; it is like being right at the table but at the same time enjoying the comfort of your own home. 5Dimes is one of the best places to enjoy Live Casino Games since the tables are always available, the staff is very friendly and polite and it also includes pit bosses and inspectors like in a real casino. To make sure that nothing is missed, the tables and the cards used by the live dealers are exactly like the ones that can be found in traditional gambling venues. It is the most professional and entertaining live casino the industry has to offer; not to mention that the dealers look gorgeous.

Other nice touches like the dealer welcoming new players to the table by their username and congratulating the winners make it even better and it is hard to stop once you get things started. Baccarat is also popular for its low house edge which means that the player has a very good chance at winning big on the table with some of the highest limits available amongst all casino games.

As most live casinos have various tables in the same room, it is possible to hear some noises in the background that makes it feel even more realistic. Listening to a roulette wheel spin while playing baccarat is something quite common with traditional casinos and the live versions also maintain the same busy atmosphere that adds to the excitement.


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