Has Lakshmi Gold Slot Been Withdrawn

June 3, 2012 |

Only a week or so ago we talked about the abundance of new casino games in the month of May, within this article we centred on a few of these games, most notably the huge Lakshmi Gold slot from Playtech.

While this slot was a brilliant and innovative affair, it seems to have already been withdrawn from use. So has the Lakshmi Gold slot been withdrawn and if so why is this, what is the case for it when the Lakshmi Gold slot seemed such a popular slot for many?

Well today we have been super sleuths to try and find out the truth about what has happened to this great slot.

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For those that don’t know the Lakshmi Gold slot was released to a huge fanfare by Playtech, one of the online casinos leading software houses. The slot is based on the Goddess of Wealth in the Hindu religion, so as you can imagine the slot is a mix of opulence and Hindu mythological God symbols too.

While Lakshmi features heavily in the slot, it also included many other Hindu deities such as Ganesh, the God whose symbol gives you the jackpot.

Now we get back to the reasons as to why this amazing slot seems to have been removed from circulation.

Well, we have it on authority that the case seems to be centred on religious objections. It seems that while Europeans are happy with depictions of old Gods in mythology from the Norse Gods to the Greeks, there has been a number of Hindu religious leaders who have openly poured scorn on the use of their Gods in a gambling slot.

The difference between the Gods of mythology used from European descent and those in Hinduism is that the Europeans no longer follow these Gods and as such it’s not a problem to use them. The Hindu faith still follows its many Gods and this is where the issues lay, it would be like Jesus being used in a slot for a Christian.

Playtech have recalled the Lakshmi Gold slot, but they have not come out and apologised about the use of Lakshmi, Ganesh and other Hindu Gods and Godesses in the making of the slot. The question then comes whether this slot will ever come back on the market again or not? Many online casino players enjoyed the slot so maybe Playtech will alter it slightly and use alternative depictions for the characters.

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