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March 2, 2013 |

American_roulette_wheel_layoutSome people feel that making money in online gambling is a fallacy and the casino always wins, or as the old saying goes “The house always wins”, but is this true? We don’t feel it is and for this reason want to right the wrong in peoples view of online gambling.

We want to tell you about how you can be making consistent money time and again through your online casino endeavours by being shrewd and treating your casino fun as a process of enjoyment rather than a flutter without a care. This all sounds strange we know, but as you digest all the information below it will become clear.

So what are the steps to making money online through gambling?

Find a quality casino

Finding a quality casino renowned for its games and payouts is a must, it also has to be a trustworthy venue that ensures you get the payouts that you win.

There are so many casinos and gambling venues to choose from, so how do you go about finding that quality casino? Simple, go out and find reviews of quality to understand what people genuinely think of the casinos on offer. You could go to the casino itself, but they are going to be a little biased about their own venue!

When reading the reviews, get a few different angles on the same casino to ensure you are fully loaded with the right info to crack on.

An example of a great review is this Jackpotgrand casino review.

Play it cool

When it comes to playing at online casinos there is a tried and tested approach to ensuring you are fulfilling your gambling needs in a manner that also lets you reap the rewards.

To do this you need to set a figure for each time you play, this is the amount you are willing to play with without overspending. You then need to set yourself another limit, this is the amount at which you leave once you have won a certain amount. The way this is works is as follows:

Set your limit of spend at €50, and then set your limit for leaving at say €200. If you lose your €50 you walk away, but if you get a big win that takes you to €200 or more you then also leave the casino and call it a night. The idea is that by setting parameters you don’t take it that step too far and lose too much or lose all your gains.
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Playing the game

Whilst offline you can watch the slots and see what people are putting in, you can’t do this online…so how do you know when a game may potentials break its banks and deliver?

Well if you are really into understanding the gambling game, it’s time to put some investigative work into action. There is a wealth of sites out there that allow you to see the games on offer and when they last paid out, also the average time it takes to payout. If you’re super sleuth activity is of value then you may be able to work out when a game is ready to break its banks with a big win, it adds a little more educated guess work to your play, rather than being assumptive.

With roulette there is no real need to start investigating the table, what you do want to do is keep a chart of what number is landing and the colour, from this you may build a picture of whether to go red or black, which third to go on and also what numbers are the best to choose from.

Over time many people build their own roulette system and whilst the systems are not fool proof, they can make a huge difference in winning and losing at the online casinos.


There is actually a huge amount of information in the online domain about online casinos that can help you improve your chances of winning and also increase your understanding of the games to help your enjoyment levels further.

If you take some time and effort to think about your game play, there is plenty of money on offer that you can win and make your enjoyment into a money making program.

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