Gambling Operators Apply For Licenses In Delaware

March 22, 2013 |

14 companies have applied in The Diamond State

Online gambling in the United States continues to advance with Delaware announcing yesterday that 14 companies applied for online gambling licenses. Among the operators, there is also online poker giant PokerStars who is constantly looking to get back in the US market after it was banned in 2011.

Gambling Operators Apply For Licenses In DelawareDelaware had a good start in online gambling as it was the second state to legalize online poker but lost most of its momentum while focusing on its lottery offer. Now, the race for the first state to launch an online gambling offer is mostly between Nevada and New Jersey. The latter has shown a lot of speed in the process of legalizing online gambling and according to the regulations, the first site should go live in the next six months. This makes it much more efficient than the online poker situation in Nevada where operators have obtained their licenses a while back but third party software checks have taken a lot longer than anticipated.

Depending on how quick the state of Delaware will give out the licenses and how fast the operators will launch their US offers, it is possible for the race to be a photo finish with Delaware right up there amongst Nevada and New Jersey.  However, since the regulations only allow customers from within the state limits to gamble, Delaware will have a pretty small customer base as it has the fifth smallest population in the US. This doesn’t seem to discourage large operators such as 888, IGT and also the Ongame Network from applying for a license. The 14 companies that shown interest in Delaware have made the small state interesting overnight and it remains to see what the decision will be regarding the big names.

If the situation across the pond is any indication, gambling sites will be an instant success, especially if they offer online casinos with real live dealers. This trend has taken over the European online gambling market and has turned the popular card games into a very exciting and entertaining way to gamble. The addition of a live dealer makes the games feel a lot more realistic and offers the casino experience right into your living room.

There are already some sites that are available for US customers and it is possible to try roulette at a live dealer casino right now and not have to wait until everything gets sorted out in these three states.

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888 approved in Nevada

Nevada has only legalized online poker and with the “bad actors” clause still being in effect for the next five years, PokerStars will not be amongst the operators that will go live this soon. The thing that everybody is talking about right now in Nevada is that 888 has just been approved in Nevada. Its partnership with the Caesars Entertainment, which already has an online gaming license, is most likely to result in the best online poker room in Nevada. Since Caesars owns the World Series Of Poker, the site will be the best place for players to find satellites for the big events and play their way up from just a few dollars to the biggest poker series in the world. A WSOP online poker room would mean amazing opportunities in a fun and exciting environment. 888 and Caesars both bring a lot of experience to the table and it will be very interesting to see what the final offer looks like.

New Jersey

Things remain quiet in New Jersey after the online gaming regulations were approved. This can be a very good sign since the operators are working to launch as soon as possible and PokerStars is still in the process of buying a casino in Atlantic City. The regulations state that only companies that own a casino will be able to claim a license, so PokerStars in the US might be delayed a bit.

The online poker room expanded at an incredible pace since Black Friday but not missing out any opportunities to enter a new market in Europe. Its former rival and now its sister poker room, Full Tilt Poker, has seen a large decrease in traffic last week which made it lost its number two spot and drop to fourth place. Its reputation on the American market might be enough to get it going once again when the doors open.

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