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February 26, 2013 |

Presenting Tri Card Poker and Red Dog

It is a known fact that most online casinos focus more on slots since this is what the customers generally prefer but it is always a good idea to also check out the Table Games section for some very fun titles. While almost every gambler is familiar with blackjack and roulette, table games include many other options which may not be as popular but can be very profitable if played right.

First thing first, to start playing casino games online, you will need to find a reliable online casino, join it and make a deposit. The best place to turn to right know is Jackpot Grand since it offers various games to choose from and they all look amazing; not to mention the nice Jackpot Grand Casino bonus that allows players to increase their bankroll right from the first deposit.

Tri Card Poker

Also known as Three Card Poker, this variation of the popular card game has been around since the beginning of poker and it is one of the standard table games offered by the top online casinos. As the name would imply, the game is played with just three cards instead of the regular five and the goal is to get a better hand than the dealer.

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Before the cards are dealt, the player has to place a bet, known as Ante, and there is also the option to bet on Pair Plus which will add an extra payout if the hand has a pair or better. After the bets are placed, both the player and the dealer get three cards each, followed by another betting session. In order to play the hand, the player must pay the ante amount again, otherwise he will have to fold. The winner is the one with the strongest hand according to standard poker rankings. The dealer needs to have at least Queen-high in order to qualify and this is where players get their edge from and also what makes Tri Poker so profitable. Overall, there is a house edge of around 2% for combined wagers.

The payout also includes an Ante Bonus for strong hands such as a straight, a set or a flush with the rate depending on the casino of choice; Straight Flush normally pays 5:1. The Pair Plus bet is paid regardless if the hand is won or not as long as it has a pair or better.

Fun Table Games To Play OnlineRed Dog

Amongst the many fun casino brain games there is also Red Dog, also known as yablon. This is very popular amongst online casinos and fairly easy to learn. The table for Red Dog might look a bit weird at first but after a few plays, it becomes quite simple.

As most casino games, Red Dog starts with the betting round. After the wager is made, two cards are dealt face up on the table. If these cards are consecutive in value, like six and seven for example, the hand is a push and the bet is returned to the player. If the cards have the same value, another card will be dealt and if this one also has the same value, the player wins a payout of 11:1; if the third card is different, the bet is a push.

If neither of the situations mentioned above take place, a spread will be announced depending on the values that can be found between the two dealt cards. For example, if the cards are two and six, there is a 3-card spread. A small red dog is used to highlight the spread on the table; the smaller the spread, the bigger the payout. After seeing the cards and the spread, the player has the option to stay or double his bet. In order to win the hand, the third card must have a value between the ones of the first two cards.

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