Exciting Games At Mecca Bingo

February 28, 2013 |

Playing Bouncy Balls and Celtic Spirit online

There are many gambling sites to try out on the internet but most of them just focus on the traditional casino games and don’t offer a large variety of options to their users. In order to make sure that there are always new games to try out and play for real money, Mecca Bingo is constantly adding to the list and users can easily check out the exciting titles without having to download anything.

Browsing through the long list of games, it is easy to see that the titles cover pretty much every category and it is basically impossible to get lost with so many different games just waiting to be played. New users must first create an account on the site which is done in just a couple of minutes and the deposit options make it easy to fund your account and get started with your preferred games. Let’s take a look at some of the titles available at Mecca Bingo that are a bit different to what regular online casinos have to offer.

Exciting Games At Mecca BingoBouncy Balls

Bouncy Balls can be played here and it is an incredibly exciting game. Users must be logged in on the site in order to have access to the game and it is only available for real money, with no download required. The rules of the game are pretty simple; players must match five balls in a horizontal or vertical line and these symbols will explode and award points. As more balls will fall into place as soon as the ones explode, the game can offer a fast-paced and exciting way to spend your free time and also make some money in the process. The game ends when no more winning combinations can be made on the screen and lucky players that match 8 or more Fireball symbols in a line will win the Progressive Jackpot.

The game starts off with the betting round which can be as low as £0.10 or as high as £10.00 for every round. In order to win the full jackpot, the initial bet must be the maximum £10 otherwise it will just count as a percentage of the full amount depending on the size of the bet.

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Bouncy Balls combines the excitement of a progressive slots game with the fun of a popular symbols game. The wacky balls with different faces combined with the nice sound effects make every game very entertaining and it can be hard to stop once you get things started.

Celtic Spirit

Another interesting game available at Mecca Bingo is Celtic Spirit. This is something similar to roulette but very different at the same time. There are 60 numbers arranged in a certain pattern but these are only 1, 2, 3 and 4. Players have the option to bet on a specific number on the board, a number in general (for example 2), a portion of numbers, the color of the number (red or black) or it being odd or even. The payout is awarded according to the odds which are stated clearly on the crystal circle as soon as the bet is placed. Multiple wagers can be made on the same round as long as the total amount is not bigger than the limit for the game.

Online gamblers can consider Celtic Spirit as roulette without the spinning wheel and the difference in design makes it an exciting casino game that can have some pretty big payouts. Another great thing about it is that it can be played with virtual money so players can first get familiar with the new concept and then start playing for real credits.

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