European Commission Recommendations Accepted by EGBA

July 16, 2014 |

The EGBA (European Gaming and Betting Association) have chosen to accept the recommendations that have been made by the European Commission. The recommendations pertain to the protection of the consumer and are being heralded as a step forward in that protection.

It has long been felt that European customers need to be properly protected when dealing with e-based companies. This relates to the sale of goods, services as well as different forms of entertainment such as gambling. While members of the EGBA already have strict rules in place, it was felt that a firm set off rules need to be placed formally and therefore the recommendations have been accepted and will be implemented in the coming months ahead.

The hope that the union will implement the rules aggressively and quickly is being encouraged by the Secretary General, Maarten Haijer. It is the hope that other countries will adopt similar plans of action in this regard as well.

The Chief Executive of the Brazilian Gaming Congress concurs and is hopeful that despite the number of recommendations being small, it is the hope of the RGA that work will be adopted by others. He added that the RGA wishes to continue its work with the commission on how they implement the recommendations and how they will affect e-commerce business.

It is felt that those recommendations made are in the right direction that will help increase the size of the market operating in Europe. The only question will be how the changes affect businesses as it is at the discretion of each member of the commission as to what degree of implantation they will follow, especially as it relates to online gambling.

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