EiG LaunchPad Project Presented In 2012

October 24, 2012 |

Five companies present their fresh new ideas

The European iGaming Congress and Expo is a very important event for software manufacturers and players alike. It is a place where the latest innovations get unveiled to the public and new ideas are welcomed that would make online gaming more enjoyable and also safer. This year, a lot of important companies had their names on the list and presented some very interesting ideas that we will most likely be able to try out soon. EiG expo news presents some of the main attractions of the event that showed a lot of potential.

The EiG is not just an event for big software manufacturers wanting to show off their latest ideas; it is also a great launching pad for small companies that present innovative ideas in a fresh new perspective. This special section of the event, called the LaunchPad, is a great way for start-up companies to present their ideas in front of an expert panel of judges and a room filled with investors and important attendees. By winning this LaunchPad, companies can get a lot of exposure and get the needed resources to bring their ideas to life. It has become a very important part of the iGaming congress with 27 submissions placed this year; showing how much the industry is expanding. Five of them were chosen to pitch their ideas and it is important to mention that 3 out of 4 winners of the EiG LaunchPad have got the necessary funding or partnered up with bigger companies; even the runner up in 2011, Crowd Park, raised the needed capital.

Locus Play is one of the five companies to pitch their proposition in 2012. The idea is to create a Hi-Tech lottery platform that would allow gambling sites to easily join developing markets without having to use a large bandwidth. There are games available for various regions with special themes that would make them more attractive. This can be the needed change to make lotteries popular on the internet and rival the existing ones.

Colossus Bets presented a new idea that would increase the prize pool for sports betting, making the biggest seen so far. The concept is to the use multi-leg cash-in with the biggest guarantees ever seen thus making betting a lot more exciting since the prizes are very large.

Goplay’s innovative idea is to create a new iGaming platform that would give casino operators the option to include free to play games on their website and rewarding the players with incentives that can be picked up at the traditional casino. It is a way to motivate customers to go to the land-based casino by claiming prizes from the internet.

Living Sports Limited wants to put sports betting directly into online casinos. While offering the two services from the same site is quite common, the idea is to make sports betting look like a casino game and have a second screen with real time odds and results.

Sofun Gaming presented a new project designed for the French market in which they would introduce a new game called Kups. The game is described as the “poker of sports betting” and works by using unique predictions to offer jackpots. The French market is a very difficult one to access for gambling sites so this might just be the innovative idea to get people interested.

It is safe to say that all the five companies bring something new and fresh the table and deserve a lot of attention. The best thing is that there is a clear demand for better online gambling games and it seems that software developers are doing their best to come up with new ideas to make a better experience.

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