The Sixth Stage Of The Efortuny Poker Series Is Here

June 4, 2013 |

Get Ready For The Efortuny Poker Series

efortuny poker series

Many people are already making their hotel reservations and purchasing their plane tickets, as they want to be part of the sixth stage of the Efortuny Poker Series. It will be this Thursday, when the event finally takes place at the Casino Mediterraneo Alicante in Spain and this is why many poker players are very excited this week.

This poker series is already considered one of the best in the national poker world and it is also gaining popularity worldwide.  The series, has already been available for more than half a year and it has given out some very large cash prizes, such as a 17000 Euro prize for some of the players who make it to the final table.

People From All Over The World Will Be Here

Like in every single stage of this poker series, people from all over the world will be registering for the Alicante tournament and this is what makes this poker series so important today.  Some of these people, are already famous in the poker world, which means that the tournament will be as exciting as it has been in the past and that there will be some harsh competition as well.

The buy in for this tournament is 370 Euros, plus 30 Euros for the casino, which makes it a 400 Euro poker tournament. Registered players, will also have the opportunity to re-buy some chips, once they have lost all of the ones that they started the tournament with.

When this tournament begins on Thursday, everyone will be ready to start betting on their hands and will surely increase the pots very fast. The event is scheduled to start on June 6, at 6 PM local time.

Those players who are able to advance in this tournament, will have the chance to play again on Saturday, which will be the last day to try and reach the final table and everything will begin at five o’ clock. Sunday is the last day of this tournament and those players who are able to reach the final table, will also start playing at five o’ clock and it is all supposed to end, by midnight that day.

The Casino Mediterraneo Alicante

Like in many other occassions, the Casino Meditarraneo Alicante, will be transmitting this event, through a web streamed video, which will allow anyone who is interested in this poker tournament, to follow the event and to watch the best poker players compete against each other. You can log in to and you will find the live video stream there, which means that you should have no problem following this event.

Lots Of Poker Tournaments This Weekend

The main event of the Efortuny Poker Series, will not be the only interesting poker tournament happening this weekend, as Casino Mediterraneo Alicante, has other events scheduled for this same weekend and it will allow everyone to play some poker if they want.

The Paralelo Poker Tournament, will also be hosted at this casino on Saturday and it will begin at 8 PM.  This tournament, will have a 150 Euro buy in, plus a 15 Euro commission for the casino. This means that the tournament will be worth 165 Euros and that it will offer lots of good prizes as well.

This tournament will have a 30 minute level limit and it will also allow players to re buy 20 Euros worth of chips, once they have lost all of their starting chips and this will also help to make the tournament even more exciting.

Some satellite tournaments will also be available during the week, which means that you can get a ticket for the main events of the weekend, for a much cheaper buy in and win even more prizes.

If you are ready to start playing poker, you should take a look at these satellite tournaments, as they will be starting tomorrow at 8 o’ clock and they will also provide you with lots of great prizes and huge pots.

There are plenty of new poker rooms opening every day on the web and this also means that you can have access to lots of poker tournaments and other similar events.

You can also take a look at some of the best poker bonus opportunities out there and take advantage of them, as these will give you more for your money and give you a chance to earn money without risking yours.



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