Dinoment Casino Tournament at LuckyDino Casino

January 15, 2015 |

LuckyDino offer players one of the greatest tournament early into the New Year and 2015 kicks off with an enormous amount of free spins that is offered as rewards.

Dinoment is a brand new casino tournament set to start on Monday the 12th of January 2015. The most fantastic aspect of the tournament is that all players who have ever made a deposit at the LuckyDino casino are automatically in for FREE!

Dino offers 1 free spin to every player on Starburst. Every player that wins will continue to the next day’s competition. The players who progresses to the next day of competition are awarded another free spin and this continues with those winning advancing again. The tournament will continue until 30 players are left and the grand finale will then start. All players will receive 5 free spins and the top 5 will be rewarded with prizes. The results will be based on the 5 free spins.

The Dinoment Casino Tournament prize pool offers 50 free spins when a players finishes in the 5th position, 100 free spins to the 4th position, 3rd position will be rewarded with 150 free spins, 2nd wins 200 and the winner will see a prize of 300 free spins!

Activate Dinoment Free Spins NOW! Just make a deposit before Monday the 12th of January 2015 and you are in. Remember that on top of the Dinoment, LuckyDino Casino offers a 100% bonus and 50 free spin on Big Bang with your initial deposit.

Get registered today and use 7 free spins to find your way at the LuckyDino Casino, enjoy great welcome bonuses and entry into the tournament when you make your first deposit and step into the LuckyDino world of fun.

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