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April 2, 2012 |

Online Deposit Options

Online casinos receive customers from all over the world. Little wonder then that they offer a variety of cash deposit options. After all, in some countries use of credit card for gambling is prohibited. Online casinos have therefore devised various means through which the customers irrespective of geographical location can opt for any convenient method to deposit funds and enjoy the game.


Some of the popular means of depositing funds at online casinos include:


  • Visa and MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Neteller
  • Moneybookers


Visa and MasterCard

Visa and MasterCard are popular and widely used all over the world. In parts of the world where it is not illegal to use the credit or debit card for gambling, cash deposit at online casinos via Visa or MasterCard is quite popular.


Of these two, MasterCard was established in 1966 and therefore has a distinct advantage because it was available ever since casinos went online. Most people carry their ‘plastic’ in their wallets and therefore punching the card details is fairly easy. You could enter and play a high stakes poker game within minutes.


For U.S. citizens, the UIGEA bill passed in 2006 does not allow any gambling related transactions. However, as they say in government circles, every law has a loop-hole. Gamblers from the U.S. easily circumvent the UIGEA bill by using their credit card to fun an e-wallet account (the most famous being, and Once any e-wallet account is funded, the e-wallet account can be used without restriction at any online casino.


American Express

One of the most popular credit cards is the American Express or “Amex”. It is used in over 130 countries and you can use your Amex (unless prevented by local laws) to directly make cash deposits into your online casino account. In fact, your Amex card and the online casino bonuses share certain similarities; the more you spend, the more bonus (in the case of Amex, reward points) you earn. is an e-wallet meaning, it is an online account that can be funded via your bank or credit card or debit card or e-check. It can even be funded via cash gifts and cash transfers from other people. Owned by EBay Inc., is very popular (can be seen from the fact that it has over 300 million users worldwide).


Registering and using an e-wallet such as is simplicity itself. It takes just minutes to register and open an e-wallet account with In another few minutes, you can add your credit card or bank account to and you are ready to transfer funds to it. You can also withdraw from to your bank account (but not to your credit card).


The only disadvantage with using is that in certain countries it is illegal to use Such restrictions are mentioned in the terms of use at also provides e-wallet accounts. A relatively newer company (established in 1999 in Canada and moved to the UK in 2004), it quickly became popular and is one of the leading e-wallet account providers. took a bit hit in 2006 when the US government passed the UIGEA bill. US Players can no longer operate an e-wallet account. If the ban on US citizens does not apply to you, be sure to use a single email id for the purpose of operating your account as well as the online casino account. Like, you may fund your neteller e-wallet account by using your credit card or your bank account. along with is another popular e-wallet service provider. A big advantage with is that it accepts US customers.


As of today, there is no law in the US prohibiting a US citizen from funding an online e-wallet account.   With over 15 million customers, dealing in 40 different currencies and used in over 200 countries, is quite popular amongst online gamblers and widely used to make cash deposits at online casinos. Like, it takes just a few easy minutes to create an e-wallet with


So, if you are planning to start playing at an online casino site and are wondering how best to fund it, look no further. Simply select an option that is legal and most convenient to you and you can enjoy an online casino game within minutes.

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