If you are looking for a simple and secure method to transfer money, then Click2Pay is your best bet. This method is absolutely free to sign up, and allows you to transfer money online in a simple and secure manner, while you can fund your account from a variety of funding options. Online payments, real cash casino or gaming website deposits are all easily made using this mode of payment.


Understanding the Click2Pay option


This is a modern system for depositing money into your online casino account, which you require for playing online games with money. With this method of payment, you need to create your own online account and deposit funds into them, which can then be used to make payments to other websites. This mode of payment allows you to make instantaneous deposits to numerous sites, especially to those sites where your credit card is rejected. Not only is the scope of payment vast, the entire method is safe and secure as well as fast.


Some Points about Click2Pay


click2payThe best part of this payment option is that you need not deposit in advance but can do so instantaneously. In other words, once you link your credit card or bank account to this payment option, whenever you need to pay, the Click2Pay mechanism will automatically deduct the money from your linked account and make your payment. Moreover, you can actually start making payments using this mode immediately after you register yourself. Funding your Click2Pay account can be done through MasterCard, Visa, Bank deposit, online Banking and ACH or Direct Debit.

The biggest advantage of this mode of payment is that there are no transfer limits set by the website. However, you can set your own transfer limits to ensure that you do not overspend. Another advantage of this payment option is that you can actually avail a wide variety of benefits from online gaming sites for using this payment option to make your online casino deposits.