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February 26, 2012 |

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Online casinos have been a huge part of our lives for the better part of the last two decades. They stared off as small communities of casino enthusiasts, but in time the games slowly started to become available online, as well. Now, online casinos represent one of the largest industries on the planet, with millions upon millions of players actively playing the tons of games available in there.

But it is this availability that has become quite a problem for beginners in the online gambling field. If you don’t know anything at all about these sites, you obviously have no idea what to choose between them. That’s where the online casino directories, and the online casino resource sites come in extremely handy. One of the best of these sites that we know of is, and it has helped thousands of players so far. As one of the world’s leading online casino directories, it is fully capable of taking any novice and teaching him (or her) everything there is to know about the world of online casinos.

First of all, the website is a great guide for online casino games. Each and every one of the major online casinos out there has many different games available to the public, and these games grow in numbers from one month to the other. As a result, the editors and researchers are constantly on the lookout for new games, and they do a great job at reviewing them as soon as they’re released. And we’re talking about thorough reviews that contain the editors’ firsthand, personal experiences, as well as their personal opinions on a certain site. This is all done for the purpose of helping new players get the picture of what a certain game is all about, and helping existing players catch a glimpse of the new game without them investing in it at first.

If you want to find out even more about the games that the site has reviewed, you can check out the Youtube Channel, which is filled with the videos of these very games. Each video is embedded in the review, so apart from the article itself, you can also check out what the game looks and feels like.

One of the great things about the reviews is the fact that they touch base on a couple of extremely sensitive subjects. For instance, for every single one of the online casino reviews they mention whether or not it is available for the players within the United States (or Canada). As you might already know, online gambling in the United States has suffered quite the blow over the past year, and there aren’t that many online gambling sites in the country right now. So, if you’re exclusively looking for USA Friendly online casinos, then might just help you out on that, as they keep a list of the online casinos that are open for players from within the United States.

And each and every one of the reviews on Play Casino comes equipped with a great offer, which comes in the form of a first deposit bonus. All you have to do to receive the bonus is just to create an account and transfer some funds in your bankroll – that’s it! In many cases, you’ll double your bankroll without any trouble, and you will be able to play more, and at higher limits.

Another thing we like about the website is the fact that it doesn’t only feature reviews. In fact, novices can learn a lot of useful facts from the site, just by reading a couple of very informative articles. For instance, if you want to find the difference between the deposit and payment methods, all you have to do is just read the Deposit Options article.

All in all, if you are just starting to play online casino games, you should seriously consider checking out, as it’s one of the best online casino directories we’ve ever seen. They will take you from knowing absolutely nothing about the games to being able to make some serious cash off of them!

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