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September 27, 2012 |

Playing online gambling games is what hundreds of millions of people from all over the world have in common – they get together in a huge online gambling community that spans the entire world and they share a few of their favorite games. Whether it’s online poker, online casino games, online sport betting or another type of online gambling game, it’s the same story – these games are here to allow us to win a lot of money without investing a lot of money ourselves!

Unfortunately, though, online gamblers from all over the world were shaken last year when the United States Department of Justice launched an all-out campaign against some of the most well known online poker sites in the world, among them being Poker Stars (the largest online poker room in terms of number of players) and Full Tilt Poker (at the time #2, just behind Poker Stars, but the site has since been in a lot of trouble with the law, going as far as being shut down for more than a year and a half!). This has created a lot of tension in the online gambling scene in the United States, and despite most rumors there are still trustworthy online gambling websites in the United States that are still open.

In order for online gamblers to find out what these sites are, there are a lot of online gambling resource websites that were created for the sole purpose of advertising the remaining *good* online gambling sites in the United States. USA Legal Casinos is one of our favorite sites that falls right into this very category. Located at, this site is a great way for online casino players to find the best USA Online Casinos that are still operating.

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In a way, the Black Friday events, which crippled most of the online gaming websites in the United States, did this industry a huge favor, as it only left room for the best online gambling websites out there, the ones that know they’re in the clear and the ones where you should play without any issues.

And if it’s online casinos you’re after, check out USA Legal Casinos, as you’re definitely going to find the best online casinos that are still open for business in the country. All you need to do is to just spend a couple of minutes on and browse through the online casinos that they have reviewed; once you have your eyes set on a great online casino you’re practically in the clear – all you need to do from then on is to sign up, download the casino software and start playing.

Oh, and there’s one more thing – each of the online casinos that have been presented on USA Legal Casinos comes with a great first deposit bonus, or some other kind of promotion that can make you a lot richer! So check out the site, set your sights upon an online casino and start playing!

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